Message Filter for Contact Form 7


Do you receive spams every day? have you installed a dozen plugins and you still get spammed? Well this may be the solution to your problem.
This plugin filters messages submitted from contact form 7. You can decide to either filter messages based on restricted words found in the content of the message or filter based on the email of the person submitting the form.
Filters will be extended to other contact form plugins with time.

Supported Plugins

  1. Contact form 7
  2. WPForms

Note: This is just an extension. This plugin is not affiliated with or endorsed by Contact Form 7 or WPForms.

Pro Features

Upgrade to the pro version from the Account submenu page to have access the following features:
1. Unlimited words and emails: Add as many words and emails as you want
2. Month Reports: Receive monthly spam reports directly to your email
3. Spam Suggestion: Receive suggestions for new spam words and emails
4. Blacklist/Whitelist forms: Decide which forms to validate or not to validate
5. CSV Upload: Upload CSV with spam words/emails


We may collect ONLY the following information, if accepted by the site administrator:
– The messages blocked by the plugin and
– Words added to the plugin as spam
This is used solely for the purpose of making improvements to the plugin.

In addition to the above, Freemius, a third party plugin used to manage plugin licences may also collect additional information, if the site administrator accepts.

How to Contribute

The source codes can be downloaded here GitHub


  • Dashboard
  • Blocked messages
  • Options


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Install and activate
  3. Open CF7 Form Filter from your admin menu
  4. Go to Options and fill your restricted words and/or emails
  5. You can decide to activate the words filter and/or email filter
  6. Save and wait for someone to submit


Tebax 21, 2023
Iv'e tried several plugins to stop spam but they still got through. This one actually works!
Adar 21, 2023 2 replies
Since employing this plugin. The human spam has gone. Thank you. would a great idea to have option to block spam on convert kit or fluent form submit also and offer as premium.
Îlon 26, 2022 1 reply
This plugin works exactly as I expected! The ability to block messages based on keywords, email domains and languages helps so much and currently blocks 99.9% of spam on my website. I made a request to the plugin developer to add a feature, and a couple of weeks later he replied to my message saying that the feature is now added. I'm impressed that this plugin is free. I really wish the developer could create a version that works with Gravity Forms as well 🙂
Îlon 23, 2021 1 reply
Lots of spam would get through via our contact forms despite simple "do the math" hurdle and Captcha too, and they all stick in this gem. Download, install, you won't regret it. Super-de-luxe I must say!
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Contributors & Developers

“Message Filter for Contact Form 7” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Remove Black Friday notice


  • Fix Flamingo saving blocked messages


  • Update Freemius
  • Add Black Friday coupon


  • Update WordPressTools library


  • Fix bug with the [emoji] filter.
  • Updated the graphs on the dashboard
  • Added monthly email report feature


  • Fix bug with the CF7 Conditional Fields Plugin.
  • Add Ability to select the forms to validate or not to validate (Blacklist/Whitelist).


  • Fix bug when adding a custom field on the WPForm settings page.
  • Fix text fields not checked for spam.


  • Fix bug when selecting multiple messages. Sometimes the delete button disappears when selecting multiple messages.


  • Fix bug when deleting multiple messages


  • Add the ability to mark a message as not spam


  • Fix disappearing fields on save


  • Upgrade guide updated


  • Fix migrations not running on upgrade


  • Add support for WPForms
  • Add premium plugin


  • Fix emoji in filter not working
  • Add [emoji] filter
  • Add option to show a success message if a spam is found.
  • Fix single line text filters not working


  • Fix wrong filter name on the filters page


  • Add [japanesse] [hiragana] [katakana] and [kanji] filters
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.0


  • Add tests
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.9
  • Update min php version to 5.6


  • Escape HTML tags in message content


  • Add compatibility with WordPress 5.8


  • Fix bug when filter sees words separated with space as two words
  • Fix filter not working for words like “.online”


  • Add auto-clear messages function
  • Move log file to uploads folder
  • Grouped blocked messages per form
  • Bug fixes


  • Fix bug with some messages with links bypassing the checks


  • Add option to filter other text fields
  • Update [link] filter to filter urls without protocols
  • Other Bug Fixes


  • Add custom error messages
  • Add ability to filter messages containing links using [link] keyword
  • Bug Fixes


  • Fix unicode characters not displaying in all messages page


  • Refactored Codes
  • New dashboard UI