Create And Assign Categories For Pages


This plugin will help you to create the new category for your wordpress pages. You can assign those categories to your pages.

With that, you can get your wordpress pages with the help of specific category.

This will save your time from custom coding.


  • Create new Categories for wordpress Pages.
  • Assign them to the pages.
  • Lets you display List of Pages based on Categories
  • The plugin utilizes the archive.php and tag.php file included in your theme.

What are the benefits ?

There are some benefits of adding category to your Pages like, You can
* Embed a Category Based List of Pages.
* Create a Tag based archive for Pages.
* Create a Category based Archive for Pages
* Hide Pages belonging to specific Category.. and many More

you can list all your categories by wordpress default function “wp_list_categories();” .


  • screenshot-1.png

  • screenshot-2.png

  • screenshot-3.png


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Add plugin from your wordpress dashboard,add new plugin or Unzip archive and upload the entire folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin from wordpress dashboard ‘Plugins’ menu.
  3. Plugin is activated now.
  4. Now click on “Pages” from your dashboard and click on categories, create new category here.
  5. You can now add Categories to the Pages just like you do it for your Posts.
  6. Now you can get the pages with specific category with the help of query post/wp_query.
  7. Enjoy.


To get pages along with category assigned with your post query. Use this ‘category_name’ => ‘your-category-slug’. Done.


Gulan 14, 2022
I thought this plugin was working excellently well, until I realized that not all the pages I’ve created and attached to a particular category, really show up in the front end. It seems as if the number of pages that can appear on the front end is only 5, even if you have attached over 5 pages. It would appear some pages just mysteriously disappear in the front end. I’d love to hear from the developer.
Tîrmeh 26, 2021
Thank you very much for this plagin! But i was not able to assign it correctly. I ve got a category(page) called freebooks, but the content of the page won’t appear in that page. Could you guys help me about this? ‘freebooks’ => ‘freeboks’. I do not get this slug thing. Thank you!
Nîsan 18, 2021
Big thanks to Sandeep, The plugin works well. I just want to ask what happens to URL of pages from SEO perspective. I have pages Now when I create category itemType1 new URL is created: Where itemType1_PageA and itemType1_PageB are listed. My question is will the new URL interfere with existing links or not?
Sibat 7, 2021
Please do fix. This plugin crash with Yoast SEO. When I created new page, the Category option did appear but the categories under it didn’t showing up. And there is an error sentence “An error occurred loading the Yoast SEO primary taxonomy picker.”
Kanûn 31, 2020 2 replies
This plugin is great. Hopefully it gets updated soon!
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Version 1.2

  • Minor updates and released the plugin.
  • Create and adds the Categories and Tags to your Pages in WordPress.