SWM – Shopify to WooCommerce Migration


Shopify to WooCommerce Migration plugin will migrate all of your shopify product and categories to your WooCommerce Store. You have need to create a private app on your shopify store, allow required access and copy the store url, API Key, API Password and paste those credenstials into your “WordPress Admin > Shopify to WC > General Settings”

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  • Import Shopify Product: You can import all of your products from your Shopify Store to your WooCommerce store Easily as Simple or Variable. It will automatically detect the Product Type and import as Simple or Variable Product to your WooCommerce Store
  • Import Shopify Product Images: You can Choose if you want to import your Product Images. Shopify to WooCommerce Migration plugin lets you import your products with product Images too. Shopify to WooCommerce Migration plugin will import all of the Gallery and Featured Images for your products.
  • Import Shopify Categories: Shopify to WooCommerce Migration plugin will give you option to Import your Shopify Categories into WooCommerce Store and assign those categories automatically to their releavent products. You do not need to do assign products to imported categories after the Migration. Shopify to WooCommerce Migration plugin will do this automatically on behalf of you
  • Import Shopify Categories Images: You can also Import your Shopify Category Images to WooCommerce Store
  • Real time Import Logs: You can see the Migration Process on Real time. Shopify to WooCommerce Migration will Display the Progress of the Migratin on realtime so that you can see what is happening under the hood.

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There is also a pro version of this plugin. You will get more features and advantages on the pro version.

Pro Features

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  • All Free Features
  • IMPORT by CATEGORY: You can import products from specified Shopify Collection ID.
  • ORDERS: Payment method, shipping method, first name, last name, company, country, address, zip, city, province, phone, total, subtotal, tax, discount, shipping cost, currency, date create, browser IP, customer user agent, line items, discount code, order number, order fulfillment etc.
  • Update existing Orders
  • CUSTOMERS: Import customers per ajax request, first name, last name, phone, company, address, city, province, zip, country etc.

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More Features are Coming Soon

** We welcome your feedback and new feature requests to improve the plugin! Please contact with us at webbuilders03@gmail.com for new Feature Requests**


  • Getting Access Token from Shopify
  • Allow required permission
  • General Settings
  • Product Settings
  • Category Settings
  • Customer Settings
  • Order Settings
  • Importing Product
  • Importing Categories
  • Importing Customers
  • Importing Orders


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to “WordPress Admin > Shopify to WC”


Kanûn 5, 2019
I have more than 5000 products on my store and most of them have lots of variation. I have migrated all of my Shopify Products with Categories and Images with this plugin. All things are works perfectly. Save my lots of time. Will try the Pro version obviously. Highly Recommended.
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Contributors & Developers

“SWM – Shopify to WooCommerce Migration” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.3.0 (03-13-24)

Make Compatible with Latest Shopify API 2024-01

Fix Undefined Variable img_download_bg_process

Tested with Latest WordPress version

Tested with Latest WooCommerce version

1.2.0 (11-22-22)

Fix Depreacated API Key, API Secret options notice always display if these are not filled

Tested with Latest WordPress version

Tested with Latest WooCommerce version

1.1.0 (09-04-22)

Fix category mapping with product not working

1.0.0 (09-01-22)

Make Compatible with Latest Shopify API 2022-07

Add Access Token field in favor of API Key, API Secret

Depreacated previous API Key, API Secret fields

0.9.3 (08-18-20)

Make Compatible with WordPress 5.5

Compatible Plugin Deactivation Feedback with WordPress 5.5


Fix Product is not Importing

Make Compatible with Shopify Latest API

Update Paginated Request with Shopify Latest Pagination

Update Pro URL


  • Fix Plugin Action Links
  • Add Cancel Image Download Notice
  • Add Shopify Image Filter Option on Media


  • Beginning