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WordPress Reimagined 💫! Nexter WordPress is our vision is to make the core of the WordPress more modern and user-friendly. This will provide you with all the necessary features to make your website building experience remarkable.

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“Great Job guys, we have replaced all our client sites with Nexter Theme, just because of it light build.

We always wanted a theme which has less bloated code but gives us the important feature required to build a complete website from scratch. This is the perfect match, more like Elementor Hello Theme on Steroid. We never imagined that even Gutenberg could even get such Theme Builder like popular Page Builders.

Keep going, I have a lot of expectations for you all, have been an avid user of The Plus Addons for Elementor, and now this combined it’s once for all solution for our client projects. Truly a Theme Build for the Future of WordPress” – arswebmedia

👑 Exclusive Features of NEXTER Extenion FREE & PRO

  • Advanced Theme Builder for Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder & Brizy. Create Header, Footer, Breadcrumbs, Hooks, 404 Page, Singular Pages, Archive Pages, Search Page.

  • Code Snippets add custom code like PHP, HTML, CSS and JS without any child theme in WordPress site. No need to install any 3rd party code snippets plugin as Nexter got you covered.

  • Display Conditional Rules for sections add conditional visibility rules to sections like header and footer to show them on certain pages only

  • Integrate Adobe Fonts connect your Adobe Type kit cloud fonts using your Project ID

  • Local Google Fonts on your WordPress site, with using any 3rd party plugin you can self-host your Google fonts locally on your server using Nexter. This helps to make your website GDPR complaint and improves performance.

  • Custom Upload Fonts upload your custom favourite font designed or from web. Upload the font file .woff2 or .ttf, and you’re ready to use it on your WordPress site.

  • Disable Admin Settings get rid of annoying plugin notices or popups hijacking your WordPress admin panel, remove all spammy content to focus on whats required. More over you can hide admin bar, plugin update notifications, admin notices, welcome panel and more…

  • Google reCAPTCHA for WordPress, get rid of spammers on your website with advance protection from Google. Add reCAPTCHA on WP Admin, Password Reset, User Registration and Comments Form to stop all comment spam submissions. This supports v2, v2 invisible & v3 of Google reCAPTCHA.

  • Replace URL and Text from your database. Have you migrated recently from staging to live? Then this will help you replace old to new Above all, you can also replace any text content globally on your WordPress website.

  • Duplicate Posts & CPTs now, no need to install extra plugin for this essential feature. Duplicate posts, blogs, of any Custom Post Type Content in bulk

  • Disable Comments on WordPress. Now you can disable your post comments, media comments, or any CPT comments directly from Nexter.

  • Advance Performance de-bloat WordPress, by removing unnecessary extra code. Choose from 10 performance options, using which you can remove emoji.js, password strength meter, disable dashicons, disable RSS feeds, disable embeds and much more…

  • Advance Security harden your WordPress website with inbuilt security features from Nexter. You can disable XML-RPC, hide WordPress version and more…

    Tired? Well, we arent as Nexter has more to offer 😉

  • Beta: Extra Options: Regenerate Thumbnails Quickly regenerate image thumbnails to fit the new image sizes on your website.

  • Performance: Disable Image Sizes Fine-tune your image handling by disabling specific image sizes to optimize loading times.

  • Performance: Register Custom Image Sizes Add custom image sizes to your WordPress theme for better control over image dimensions.

  • Performance: Disable Elementor Icons Disable Elementor icons to reduce unnecessary loading and improve performance.

  • Advanced Performance: Defer CSS & JS Defer the loading of CSS and JavaScript files to speed up your website’s loading time.

  • Advanced Security: Disable File Editor Improve security by disabling the WordPress file editor, preventing unauthorized code changes.

  • Advanced Security: Remove Meta Generator Remove the WordPress version number from your website’s HTML source to enhance security.

  • Advanced Security: XSS Protection Implement Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) protection measures to safeguard your site.

  • Advanced Security: Secure Cookies Enhance cookie security to protect user data from potential threats.

  • Extra Options: WP Login White Label Customize the WordPress login page with your branding, logo, and colors.

  • Security: Login Email Notification Get notified via email whenever a user logs into your WordPress site, enhancing security.

  • Advanced Security: Iframe Security Implement security measures for iframes to prevent malicious activities.

  • Change WP-Admin Path you can change your default /wp-admin to /hide-backend to avoid anyone from accessing your WordPress admin login page. And you can redirect this to 404 page, Homepage or show a custom message content.

  • Content Protection for WordPress, using this feature you can disable mouse right-click, CTRL+ C, CTRL + V, F12 to prevent developer tools and in total you get 15+ shortcuts to disable. Save your content from getting copied in web.

  • White-label Theme finally, you can brand Nexter under your agency or company name for your clients.

Still feel something missing? Then make sure to add your suggestion on your Feature List

Recommended :
If you’re using Elementor Page Builder, then install The Plus Addons for Elementor

For default WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor, install The Plus Addons for Gutenberg
Nexter has been integrated to work best with the above addons.

Nexter Theme works in sync with most Elementor Addons – The Plus Addons for Elementor, Essential Addons, Premium Addons, Happy Addons, Royal Addons, Qi Addons, Elementskit

And if you’re a Gutenberg user, then you can use The Plus Addons for Gutenberg, Kadence Blocks, Stackable Blocks, Spectra WordPress Gutenberg Blocks, Getwid


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🥇 The Plus Addons for Gutenberg – Nexter Theme works in sync with core Gutenberg, where you can install The Plus Addons for Gutenberg Blocks to get 80+ powerful & highly customizable blocks.


☑️ 4 Easy Steps for Installation

  1. Go to ‘Plugins’ option in your dashboard and select ‘Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Nexter Extension’ and install it
  3. Now after installation you will be prompted to install Nexter Theme after which click on Install
  4. Congratulation, Now your site is ready to use all the powers of Nexter.

Get ready to explore a new side of WordPress

👉 Watch this Quick Installation Video Guide


Will This Work With All Themes ?

No, It Won’t. Nexter Builder is specifically developed for Nexter WordPress Theme’s support only.

Why Did We Make This Plugin Separately?

We Wanted to Include All These Features in Nexter Theme Itself, as They’re Our Primary Concern & Concept for Nexter WordPress Theme. But Respecting Rules & Regulations of WordPress Platform and Theme Submission Protocols, We Found a Way to Continue Serving High-Quality Products by Appending Nexter Extensions to Theme Package.

Only If You Want to Geek Out :

We Wanted to Include This in Theme Itself as This is a Part of Theme Itself. WordPress Have Considered Functions Like Register_post_type() in Plugin Territory, So We Couldn’t Include That in the Theme. They Did This With Purpose, You May Read It Here.

How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.


Tîrmeh 18, 2024
I wanted to give 5 stars to this product just because of their exceptional support during the setup process. I am new to WordPress, but they responded to all my questions, no matter how simple, and helped me through the entire process.
Tîrmeh 17, 2024
I was thoroughly impressed with the support from POSIMYTH Innovations. The team was prompt and provided knowledgeable assistance, addressing all my issues swiftly. Their friendliness and efficiency stood out, making the experience even better. Thanks to their excellent support, everything is functioning perfectly now. The products and customer service from POSIMYTH far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them.
Tîrmeh 17, 2024
Simply replace half of your existing plugins by installing this one. I have been using the Nexter Theme and this plugin for a long time on all my business sites. Their support is exceptional and always available whenever needed. They even provide tips and tricks for productivity, which is my favorite aspect of their service. This is an exceptional product made by exceptional people.
Tîrmeh 17, 2024
Where was this plugin before? It has ended my wait as I wanted to ditch those 20 plugins I always needed to install on client sites. I no longer have to worry about updating them on time. This plugin has sorted my security, performance, fonts, Whitelabel, and almost all day-to-day tools like search and replace duplicator, and more. It has made my stack much simpler. Highly recommended for all minimalist WordPress users.
Tîrmeh 16, 2024
I am writing this because, I have seen this plugin while using Nexter Wordpress Theme but then I found, I can use this without theme as well. Now, I use this in all my sites now. It’s handy features related to security, performance, customisation are so easy to use and save to from installing atleast 10 other small WordPress Plugins.
Hezîran 6, 2024 1 reply
The trouble started from trying to purchase with errors but payment taken. Got the free plugin but it doesn’t do what it says it can. Uninstalled and it left a bunch of junk messages in the backend that don’t want to be removed. Painful experience to say the least..
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18 April 2024
– Fix : Nexter Builder : Bug Fix


18 April 2024
– Compatibility : Hello Elementor Theme : Nexter Builder Template
– Performance : Query Optimize and Improve Code
– Fix : Minor Bug Fix


01 April 2024
– Security : Nexter Security : Disable XML-RPC option Bug Fixed
– Fix : Nexter Builder : Particular Posts Sections Layout all Singular taxonomy Bug Fixed
– Improvement : Optimize Code and Improve


21 March 2024
– Fix : Advanced Security : Bug Fixed and improvement code


22 February 2024
– Fix : Advanced Security : Bug Fix for Enable REST API


20 February 2024
– Fix: Nexter Builder – Selecting Template for Specific Post/Taxonomy


06 February 2024
– Security : Bug Fix and Improvements


30 November 2023
– Added : Security : Two Factor Authentication Login Enable


21 November 2023
– Fix : Local Google Font : Loading Issued Block Editor @font_face Bug Fixed
– Fix : Extra Options : Custom Fonts Upload Bug Fix


03 October 2023
– Fix : Settings : Performance and Security : Options Bug Fix
– Improvements : Improvements and Bug Fixes


21 August 2023
– Fix : Advanced Security : Header XSS Protection Bug Fix
– Fix : Nexter Builder : Display Rules Condition Bug Fix


18 August 2023
– Fix : Rank Math SEO Plugin Bug Fix


10 August 2023
– Fix : PHP Variable Bug Fix


10 August 2023
– Compatibility : WordPress 6.3
– Compatibility : ACF : Select2 conflict JS Bug Fix
– Update : Nexter Builder : Layout Section Header/Footer Template Elementor Editor Bug Fix


25 July 2023
– Added : Beta : Extra Options : Regenerate Thumbnails
– Added : Performance : Disable Image Sizes
– Added : Performance : Register Custom Image Sizes
– Added : Performance : Disable Elementor Icons
– Added : Advanced Performance : Defer CSS & JS
– Added : Advanced Performance : Defer CSS & JS
– Added : Advanced Security : Disable File Editor
– Added : Advanced Security : Remove Meta Generator
– Added : Advanced Security : XSS Protection
– Added : Advanced Security : Secure Cookies
– Added : Advanced Security : iFrame Security
– Update : Nexter Builder Added
– Improved : Performance by optimizing CSS & JS
– Update : Ability to use standalone Without Nexter Theme
– Fix : Switch Button Bug Fix Plugin Compatibility


01 December 2022
– Compatibility : WPML Compatibility Improvements and Bugs Fixed


28 Nov 2022
– Compatibility : WPML : Nexter Builder Templates


17 Nov 2022
– Compatibility : WordPress 6.1.1
– Compatibility : Elementor 3.8.1
– Compatibility : Gutenberg 14.5.2
– Improvements : Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes


03 Sept 2022
– Fix : Nexter Builder : Php Code Snippet bug fix
– Fix : Nexter Builder : Javascript Code Snippet bug fix
– Fix : Admin Login Page 404 page redirect bug fix
– Fix : Comment template bug fix


29 June 2022
– Added : Post/Page Duplicator : Post Author | Post Date | Post Status | Post Prefix | Post Slug Customization Options.
– Added : Post/Page Duplicator : Duplicate Copies Number option
– Added : Google reCAPTCHA : Version 2 | Version 2 (Invisible) | Version 3
– Added : Google reCAPTCHA : Login Form | Registration Form | Reset Password Form | Comments Form
– Added : Google reCAPTCHA : Light & Dark Theme Options
– Added : Site Replace URL : Use for URL or Text content
– Added : Site Replace URL : Case Sensitive Option
– Added : Adobe font kit Integration
– Added : Local Google font Integration
– Added : Custom Font Upload : Simple Font Option
– Added : Custom Font Upload : Variable Font Option
– Added : Disable Admin Settings : Remove Welcome Panel
– Added : Disable Admin Settings : Hide Admin Notice
– Added : Disable Admin Settings : Hide Core Update Notifications
– Added : Disable Admin Settings : Remove ‘PHP Update Required’ Notice
– Added : Disable Admin Settings : Hide Plugin Update Notifications
– Added : Disable Admin Settings : Hide Themes Update Notifications
– Added : Disable Admin Settings : Hide Frontend Admin Bar
– Added : Year & Copyright Shortcode : [nxt-copyright] for Copyright Symbol
– Added : Year & Copyright Shortcode : [nxt-year] for Current Year
– Added : Year & Copyright Shortcode : [nxt-year format=’d-m-Y’] for Current Date in required Format
– Added : System Info Download or Copy in Nexter Dashboard
– Improved : New Nexter Dashboard Design
– Fixes : Multiple Bug Fixes & Improvements


20 April 2022
– Update : Nexter Builder : Archive Pages : Default Post Type Archive option added
– Fix: WP_User_Query compatibility with WP 5.9


05 April 2022
– Fix : Nexter Settings : Performance : PHP Bug


12 Jan 2022
– Fix : jQuery Free Bug Fix


24 Nov 2021
– Added : Nexter Builder Template List per page on Admin Bar for easy edit access
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Disable Emojis Script
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Disable Embeds
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Disable Dashicons
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Remove RSD Link
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Remove wlwmanifest Link
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Remove Shortlink
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Disable RSS Feeds
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Remove RSS Feed Links
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Disable Self Pingbacks
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Disable Comments, Disable Comments Post Type Wise
– Added : Nexter Settings : Performance : Disable Password Strength Meter
– Added : Nexter Settings : Security : Disable XML-RPC
– Added : Nexter Settings : Security : Disable WP Version Generator
– Added : Nexter Settings : Security : Disable REST API
– Added : Nexter Settings : Security : Remove REST API Links
– Added : Nexter Settings : Security : Redirect WP Login URL
– Fix : Compatibility : Rank Math SEO Plugin CSS Conflict Bug


29 Sep 2021
– Fix : Header Bug


27 Sep 2021
– Added : Nexter Builder : Header Sticky Options
– Update : Code Snippet : User Role permission “unfiltered_html” required for Code Execution


22 Sep 2021
– Added : Nexter Builder : Code Snippets (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)


  • Fix : Bug Fix and Improvement


  • Fix : Bug Fix


  • Added : Nexter Builder Preview Options in Templates


  • Initial Release