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Publir’s Unified Monetization Platform (UMP) plugin allows publishers to integrate our SaaS platform into their WordPress sites. Users would first need to create an account on Publir’s platform before using the plugin. The URL to create the account is:

Experts in digital monetization, Publir offers a one-of-a-kind unified platform specifically built to maximize earnings for content websites. We provide complete solutions for Ad Optimization, AdBlock Recovery, Subscriptions, Fundraising and Merchandising. Once activated the plugin will allow users to deploy Publir’s Ad Optimization, AdBlock Recovery and Subscription services.

About Publir Ad Optimization Tool: Publir leverages data science with decades of ad ops experience to deliver evolved programmatic strategies. Precise campaign targeting, robust proprietary technology, and an established data-driven strategy result in the intelligent allocation of ad space to the highest-paying buyer – for every impression, on every page, across all device types. A strong focus on ad quality backed up with a growing suite of safety tools assures a clean, positive user experience that’s free of interruptions. Our platform delivers significant revenue lift and daily reporting to track it.

About Publir AdBlock Recovery Tool: Publishers across the globe are losing billions of dollars in revenue every year due to ad blockers. It doesn’t need to be this way. Publir’s AdBlock Recovery tool allows you to measure the portion of users that have ad blockers installed, and, if desired, gently nudge these users to whitelist your site – or sign-up for ad-free Subscriptions. The result is up to a 75% success rate in recovering lost revenue from loyal users.

About Publir Subscriptions Tool: Publir’s subscription tool helps building sustainable support from readers who love your brand and content. Our smart paywall lets you determine business rules, messaging, and pricing that guides a customer’s journey from a casual reader to a loyal subscriber. Our robust reporting tools help you understand your readers and devise content strategies that retain and grow your subscriber base. It offers an ad-free, premium experience for users and diversifies your revenue streams and gathers Zero-party data from customers in exchange for free content.

This plugin is currently in its first official version and we welcome your feedback and request for additional features. Please write to us at

External Dependencies

We are using Amazon Web Services to track Ad block page views for our clients. To facilitate tracking, our plugin will call the following URL: https://{amazon_service_node}

Also to get the currency details and site-specific customizations enabled on Publir’s platform, we are using the following link:{siteId}.json


Visit the “Plugins » Add New” page inside your WordPress admin area.

Find the plugin by typing the Publir UMP. Select the plugin and Install it.

WordPress will now download and install the plugin for you. After this, you’ll notice the ‘Install Now’ button, which will change into the ‘Activate’ button. Go ahead and click on the activate button to start using the plugin.

After the activation please ensure you enter the site id, which you will get from Publir’s Patform, and a URL from where your users can register/sign-in for subscriptions. Once you enter the site id and page URL for subscriptions, please make sure you save your changes.


  1. What is Publir?
    Established in 2011, Publir is a revenue optimization platform. We help websites optimize revenues in the programmatic advertising market, create recurring subscription earnings, and enable direct support via crowdfunding.

  2. How soon can I expect a rise in subscriptions to my website?
    It will take some time as it depends upon the target audience and the kind of content your website publishes. Most publishers see a steady growth in subscribers, but you have to be patient for that.

  3. How much time would the setup take?
    The creation of an account will take only 5 minutes. Our team will take it from there and the setup will be completed depending upon your requirements.

  4. What are the other services that Publir provides?
    Publir has services that include AdBlock Recovery, Ad Optimization, Crowdfunding, Subscriptions, and a merchandizing tool called QuickShop.


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