This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Rating-Widget: Star Review System


The most popular, GDPR compliant, Five Star Review System on the web. User-friendly ratings for: posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress forums.

Ratings for your:

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  • We introduced two helper client-side methods: RW.optIn() and RW.optOut(). You can leverage those with your cookies consent opt-in/out logic.
  • We are no longer storing IPs. Instead, we store anonymized IPs – a non-personal data. Therefore, we are no longer storing any personal data of EU visitors unless they opt-in.
  • Device ID cookies are no longer created for EU visitors unless you manually integrate a cookies consent on your site and they opt-in via the RW.optIn() method.
  • The identification method for an opted-out visitor is based on their anonymized IP by default.
  • You’ll need to add a section to your cookies policy (or privacy policy), mentioning that you’re using the RatingWidget service and add an opt-out button which will call RW.optOut() to opt-out any visitor from cookies. You can use the following paragraph:
    > We use RatingWidget as a feedback mechanism for our visitors, providing them with an easy way to cast their opinion. The service is using cookies to avoid duplicate votes from the same device. Here’s a link to RatingWidget’s privacy policy. You can opt-out from their voter tracking cookies by clicking the Opt out button on their privacy page.

Looking for reviews?

Every review starts with a simple star rating and we all know it! We are excited to announce that we launched our Reviews Add-on (pro add-on). With our awesome Reviews Add-on, you can now set up custom rules when to open a modal review box and capture a textual review from your voters. Like all our products, the Reviews Add-on works out of the box and requires zero configuration.

The Rating-Widget Star Ratings WordPress plugin allows you to create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. You can embed thumb & star ratings into your posts, pages or comments. All Rating-Widget star ratings are fully customizable, cross-browser, support multi-language, CSS3 compliant. You can create unlimited thumb & star ratings and collect unlimited votes. The reviews editor allows you to fully customize your ratings and their placement on your blog’s layout. You can also avail of the ‘Top Rated’ widget that will allow you to place the widget in your sidebar. This widget will show you the top rated posts, pages and comments.

The free ratings plugin version is feature-rich and highly customizable. Having said that, we offer even more features in our Premium Plugin with extra features.



  • Unlimited star & thumb ratings
  • 1M pageviews / month
  • RatingWidget branded


  • Remove (i) icon from Ratings
  • Secure Connection (Fraud protection)
  • Power User Settings
  • BuddyPress Ratings
  • 50k PageViews / month
  • 1,000 star & thumb ratings
  • Unlimited votes
  • Email Support & Help Center


  • All Starter Features
  • Google Rich Snippets (
  • Management Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Especially for Voting Contests – Visitor by IP identification
  • Unlimited Multi-Criterion (Multi-Criteria Rating)
  • SSL / HTTPS Support
  • API Access
  • Custom Ratings Image
  • WPML and Polylang Integrations
  • bbPress Forum Ratings
  • 250k PageViews / month
  • 3,000 star & thumb ratings
  • Unlimited votes
  • Priority Email Support & Help Center


  • All Professional Features
  • Full Moderation
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Personal Success Manager
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Data Export
  • Mobile Optimized
  • 1M PageViews / month
  • 10,000 star & thumb ratings
  • Unlimited votes
  • Phone, Email & Chat Support

Check out the pricing here:

Even more awesomeness!

If you’d like to enrich the functionality of the ratings even beyond that – we got you covered! We are constantly developing more and more add-ons to answer different needs. Here are our most popular add-ons:

  • Tweets: Get more Twitter shares by asking your visitors to Tweet the post after submitting a vote.
  • Facebook Shares: Get more Facebook shares by asking your visitors to share the post after submitting a vote.
  • Reviews: Get valuable insights for your content & products by capturing a textual review from your visitors, right after they vote.

Supported in 40 Languages

Rating-Widget star ratings are translated and available in:

Afrikaans, Arabic – العربية, Bengali – বাংলা, Bulgarian – български, Catalan – Català, Chinese – 汉语/漢語, Croatian – Hrvatski, Czech – Čeština, Danish – Dansk, English, Estonian – Eesti keel, Finnish – Suomi, French – Français, Georgian – ქართული, German – Deutsch, Greek – Ελληνικά, Hebrew – עברית, Hindi – हिंदी, Hungarian – Magyar, Indonesian – Bahasa Indonesia, Italian – Italiano, Japanese – 日本語, Korean – 한국어/조선말, Lithuanian – Lietuvių, Maltese – Malti, Mongolian – Mongγol Kele, Nederlands – Dutch, Norwegian – Norsk, Persian – فارسی, Polish – Polska, Portuguese – Português, Romanian – Română, Russian – Русский, Serbian – Српски, Slovak – Slovenčina, Slovenian – Slovenščina, Spanish – Español, Swedish – Svenska, Tamil – தமிழ், Turkish – Türkçe, Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt, Ukrainian – Українська Мова

Can’t find your language? Help us translate here:

Are you a designer?

Help us to enrich Rating-Widget’s star & thumb themes collection. Add more thumb & star ratings designs at –

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Rating-Widget Support Forum

Please visit RatingWidget WordPress FAQ and RatingWidget WordPress Support Forum for additional help with using this plugin. You may also post feature requests, ideas and bug reports there.


For optimized user experience, upon activation, the plugin will make an API connectivity test. This API call is anonymous and will NOT share any identifiable information about your site or user.

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  • Beautiful Page, Post & Comment star ratings
  • WYSISYG User-Friendly Configuration
  • Google 5-star ratings – Rich-Snippets Integration (* Professional Plan)
  • In-Settings Live Preview! (Bonus: Multi-Criteria Star Ratings Support)
  • Multi-Criteria Ratings
  • Stunning Top-Rated Sidebar Widget
  • Handful of AWESOME Features to Configure the Top-Rated Items
  • Ratings Reports (* Professional Plan)
  • WooCommerce Full Integration – Interactive Product Star Ratings
  • Mobile Optimized Experience – Floating Star Activator
  • bbPress Full Integration for Forum Topics/Replies & User Reputation
  • BuddyPress Activity and User Ratings
  • Per-Post/Page/Product Rating Customization to Show / Hide & Active / ReadOnly
  • Full Text Customization
  • Developer’s Friendly! Power-User Settings to Tweak Everything
  • Advanced Customization
  • WooCommerce Products Collection Ratings


  1. Upload the plugin to your blog.
  2. Accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.
  3. Done! Your site is now spiced up with Rating-Widget’s star & thumb ratings.


Where is your documentation?

You can find our WordPress documentation here:

Do you support Google’s Rich-Snippets?

Yes we do! Rich-Snippets metadata integration is supported in our Professional and Business plans. We have many customers which have the ratings shown in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). We follow Google’s best practices and constantly improve the plugin according to the newest updates to make sure that your pages will pass Google’s official rich snippets testing tool. But, we cannot guarantee that Google will show your stars in the search results. Why? Unfortunately, we don’t have access nor control of Google’s algorithms. The algorithm which decides whether to show the stars (or not) is based on the search keywords, page popularity, device type, country, and many more variables. Our recommendation: if you are willing to risk one month of payment for the Professional plan, upgrade, and give it between 2-3 weeks to see if Google “liked” your site. If the ratings will be synced with the search results – AWESOME! If not, simply downgrade back to the Free version. Note – there won’t be any refunds for claims about the Rich-Snippets.

I just upgraded for the Rich-Snippets, how do I make sure the metadata is configured correctly?

Follow this short guide to test the rich-snippets

Can I try your plugin paid features before I upgrade?

Yes you can! Install the free plugin, then go to RatingWidget -> Account, and click the “Free Trial” tab.

The WordPress plugin don’t work, where are my ratings?

Don’t panic – you are not alone! Your custom theme’s developer forgot to call wp_footer() in the footer template file (usually named footer.php). Our star ratings core JavasScript is loaded on this action hook. Once this fixed the ratings should appear.
More info here –

My homepage not showing any ratings, what’s wrong?

Make sure your Front Page ratings are enabled for excerpts. In addition, your theme’s front page template must use the_excerpt() method to show/load the excerpts. We use this method’s hook to add the rating code.

The RatingWidget WordPress plugin don’t show ratings on my comments, what’s wrong?

First, make sure you’ve enabled the ratings for comments in your admin’s dashboard. Once you sure it’s enabled, but still doesn’t work, a common cause can be that your theme isn’t using comment_text() to display the comments text. A common mistake by theme developers is the use of get_comment_text() instead of comment_text(). Try to switch between those and it should fix the issue. If you are awesome, contact the theme developer and let him know about the issue so he can fix it for everyone else.

Can I add a rating inside my WordPress post’s content?

Check out our editor shortcodes

Is there any PHP shortcodes I can use for my custom posts templates?

Check out our PHP shortcodes

Do you support Infinite Scroll? Do you support ratings for content loaded dynamically via AJAX?

Check out our special AJAX refresh code snippet

Where can I suggest new features?

You are welcome to submit ideas for cool features that you’d like to see in the plugin.

I need special customization, how can I contact you?

You can contact us regarding paid customization requests here:


Kanûn 30, 2023
Good plugin! Easy to install and to use. I am at my first day… I needed a simple plugin so that users can rate an article (recipe). I am using the Premium version. The stars design is not what I selected (I need flat design but they are 3D) but I have contacted the support and I’m waiting for an answer shortly. I am satisfied and I recommend the plugin.
Mijdar 14, 2023 1 reply
I recently had an utterly horrendous experience with Rating-Widget, and I feel compelled to share my story to warn others about this scammy operation. My PayPal account was somehow associated with a subscription from them in 2015. I tried to cancel this.  From the outset, it became apparent that Rating-Widget was not operating with integrity. Their subscription model is designed to trap customers in a never-ending cycle, making cancellation nearly impossible. I found myself ensnared in a web of deceit, unable to break free from a subscription I no longer wanted or needed.  The real shocker came when I discovered that a staggering $836 had been siphoned from my account by Rating-Widget. What’s even more infuriating is that I hadn’t used their product in ages. It’s beyond comprehension how a company could justify such brazen theft from its customers. Attempting to cancel the subscription became a nightmare that began in 2015. Despite my persistent efforts to extricate myself from their clutches, Rating-Widget continued to pilfer money from my account, acting as though I owed them for a service I hadn’t utilized for years. The lack of customer service and transparency from Rating-Widget is appalling. Their business practices are nothing short of thievery, preying on unsuspecting customers who simply want to end their association with a company that provides no value. My advice to anyone considering Rating-Widget is simple: steer clear. Don’t fall victim to their deceitful practices, and be cautious about entering any financial arrangement with this unscrupulous company. I wish I had heeded such warnings before becoming entangled in their web of deception. In conclusion, Rating-Widget is not just a scam; it’s a company that actively engages in unethical and dishonest practices. Save yourself the headache, financial loss, and frustration by avoiding any association with this fraudulent operation.
Read all 893 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Rating-Widget: Star Review System” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.2.3 – 2023-10-10

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and a new feature (garbage collector).

3.2.2 – 2023-10-09

  • Update: Improved variables escaping and user capabilities checking.
  • Update: Removed unused resources.

3.2.1 – 2023-08-03

  • Update: Improved the rating HTML generation.

3.2.0 – 2023-07-05

  • Update: Updated Freemius SDK to the latest version.

3.1.9 – 2023-03-27

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with a minor bug fix.

3.1.8 – 2023-02-27

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and new features (connectivity test removed).

3.1.7 – 2023-01-23

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes.

3.1.6 – 2022-11-14

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with a minor bug-fix.

3.1.5 – 2022-11-14

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and new features.

3.1.4 – 2022-02-28

  • Update: Security patch.

3.1.3 – 2022-01-06

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and new features (clone resolution is now supported).

3.1.2 – 2021-02-03

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and new features.

3.1.1 – 2020-10-07

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and new features.

3.1.0 – 2020-07-15

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and new features.

3.0.9 – 2020-03-11

  • Fix: Fixed a fatal error on the “Advanced” settings page.

3.0.8 – 2019-12-16

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes.

3.0.7 – 2019-12-15

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and new features.

3.0.6 – 2019-06-04

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and new features.

3.0.5 – 2019-02-28

  • Update: Security patch.

3.0.4 – 2019-01-08

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes.

3.0.3 – 2018-12-08

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes.

3.0.2 – 2018-11-25

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and new features.

3.0.1 – 2018-08-19

  • Fix: Fixed the download link for the premium version on the “Account” section.

3.0.0 – 2018-05-27

  • Major update: The plugin is now fully GDPR ready!

2.9.5 – 2018-04-24

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes.
  • Fix: Fixed the rendering of newly inserted BuddyPress activity ratings when there are no status updates or comments yet.
  • Fix: Fixed the JS logic that determines if BuddyPress is inserting a new status update or comment.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue with the logic for the rendering of BuddyPress activity comment ratings that was causing an infinite loop.

2.9.4 – 2018-03-27

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes.

2.9.3 – 2018-03-02

  • Update: Improved multi-site network Integration.

2.9.2 – 2018-02-21

  • Fix: Fixed the saving of the options.

2.9.1 – 2018-01-17

  • Fix: Fixed API server clock syncing.
  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes. – 2017-12-13

  • Fix: Fixed the referrer policy for admin pages that have a rating.

2.9.0 – 2017-12-12

  • Performance: Improved the localization mechanism for reduced memory consumption.
  • Fix: Misc bug fixes.
  • Update: Updated the Freemius SDK version.

2.8.9 – 2017-10-01

  • Security Fix: Fixed an XSS security vulnerability.

2.8.8 – 2017-08-24

  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes.
  • New: The Product Rich Snippet markup now supports the JSON-LD format for WooCommerce version 3.0.0 and above. – 2017-05-10

  • Fix: Translation method dependency fix.

2.8.7 – 2017-04-28

  • Optimization: Removed the screenshots from the plugin to lighten the zip size.
  • Readme: Tweaked the FAQ section to show up nicely in the new directory.
  • Readme: Moved the location of the video to show above the fold.
  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and full translation to Japanese.

2.8.6 – 2017-03-07

  • Fix: Fixed an unclosed div tag related to the Rich Snippets markup.
  • Update: Updated version of Freemius with bug fixes and full translation to Japanese.

2.8.5 – 2016-12-12

  • Fix: Fixed a major issue that was causing the accounts to disconnect from the RatingWidget backend.
  • Fix: WooCommerce integration now works with multisite setup.

2.8.4 – 2016-11-12

  • Fix: Adjusted bbPress legacy logic to work with mysqli instead of mysql for PHP 7.
  • Fix: Updated Freemius version (bunch of bug fixes).
  • Update: From now Flash cookie voter identification will be disabled by default since browsers like FireFox are starting to stop supporting flash.

2.8.3 – 2016-09-13

  • Fix: Fixed some logic in license activation.

2.8.2 – 2016-08-01

  • New: Add filter for altering the list of excluded custom post types for the rating widget display.
  • New: Show ratings on product category pages.
  • Fix: Fixed an HTTPS-related issue in RatingWidget SDK.
  • Update: Don’t limit post title on top rated table.

2.8.1 – 2016-05-04

  • Update: Tested plugin on WP 4.5.1.
  • Update: Improved the UI of the add-ons section.
  • Fix: Minor JavaScript fixes.
  • Fix: Fixed auto-updates mechanism for pro versions. – 2016-04-12

  • Fix: Fixed the bug with the post editor.

2.8.0 – 2016-04-11

  • Fix: Fixed the comment review ratings type so the top-rated widget will load them correctly as comment ratings.
  • Update: Added code type into plugin’s HTML comment signature (helps for debugging).
  • Update: Freemius version update.

2.7.9 – 2016-02-29

  • Performance: Major performance optimization by significantly reducing the number of API calls and making them non-blocking using wp-cron mechanism.
  • Fix: Fixed some PHP notices for PHP 5.2 when running in WP debug mode.
  • Fix: CSS fixes to adjust to the new WP versions CSS.
  • Fix: Fixed title encoding issue in the star rating reports page. – 2016-01-24

  • Fix: Plugin slowdowns due to constant API requests on every pageview. – 2016-01-22

  • Fix: Fixed API connectivity admin notices when not required.
  • Fix: Plugin was throwing errors when executed without HTTP context (e.g. CLI).

2.7.8 – 2016-01-17

  • Fix: Fixed fatal error undefined function fs_override_i18n().

2.7.7 – 2016-01-15

  • Minor: Updated opt-in button to be more user friendly.
  • Fix: Updated to Freemius latest SDK which prevents SDK versions collision (when two plugins using Freemius).

2.7.6 – 2015-12-29

  • Fix: Fixed the ‘Last Year’ option in the top-rated widget and the ‘Last 6 Months’ option in the top-rated shortcode.
  • Fix: The ‘Workflows’ sub menu item should only be visible when there is an active add-on.

2.7.5 – 2015-12-24

  • Update: Updated the rich snippet markup properties based on Google’s latest requirement.

2.7.4 – 2015-12-23

  • Fix: Fixed minor text-related bugs in the reports page and in the admin notice that asks for a 5-star review.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue related to the criteria ratings in the live preview.

2.7.3 – 2015-12-09

  • Optimization: Removed unused templates.
  • Fix: Fixed reports page encoding issue.
  • Fix: Fixed issues related to the live preview.
  • Fix: The metabox rating should always be active (not read-only).
  • Fix: Fixed JavaScript compatibility issues with lower versions of WordPress.
  • Update: Rich snippet is now enabled by default when using the [ratingwidget] shortcode.

2.7.2 – 2015-11-18

  • Fix: Minor fix in deactivation form.

2.7.1 – 2015-11-14

  • Fix: Added a corresponding activation message when cURL is not installed on server (instead of fatal error).
  • Update: Bumped to Freemius newest version.

2.7.0 – 2015-10-30

  • Announcement: Happy Halloween!!!
  • Fix: Resolved API connectivity and activation issue for servers with non-synced clock.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the upgrade data migration process.
  • Fix: Fixed the issues with the afterRate and beforeRate handlers when overridden by the workflow engine.
  • New: Added feedback mechanism to plugin deactivation.

2.6.9 – 2015-10-13

  • Fix: Renamed workflows shortcode from wf to rw_wf since was colliding with other themes / plugins.
  • New: Implemented plugin install ownership transfer protocol.

2.6.8 – 2015-10-12

  • Fix: Minor bug fix in the activation.

2.6.7 – 2015-10-12

  • Optimization: Prepared plugin for Language Packs release.
  • New: Implemented Workflows! A rule-engine based on rating related actions.
  • New: Released first Add-On!

2.6.6 – 2015-09-17

  • Fix: Resolved the upgrade issues users without an API secret-key were having on upgrade to the new version.
  • Fix: The [ratingwidget] shortcode can now retrieve the current post’s ID if the post_id attribute is not set.
  • New: Added an option to force account reset with external details.

2.6.5 – 2015-09-12

  • Fix: Improved API connectivity messaging + added the error from the API call when user submit a request to fix.
  • Optimization: No need to validate connectivity after the user is already register, since there might be temporary connectivity issues which the plugin must handle.

2.6.4 – 2015-09-11

  • Optimization: Resized and compressed all screenshot images to significantly reduce plugin Zip size.
  • New: Added special flow to recover previous lost account.
  • Fix: Fixed API fallback to HTTP. Seems like the fallback param wasn’t stored correctly in the DB.
  • Fix: Added API fallback to RW SDK.
  • Update: Added RTL support for sticky admin notices.

2.6.3 – 2015-09-10

  • Fix: Fixed account details migration (versions that account stored only in FS object).
  • Fix: Added API fallback to HTTP since seems like some cURL versions don’t play well with CloudFlare.

2.6.2 – 2015-09-09

  • Fix: func_get_args() can’t be used as a function parameter on old PHP versions.
  • Fix: Removed “\” from classes since namespaces aren’t supported in PHP < 5.3.

2.6.1 – 2015-09-09

  • Fix: Mistakenly left PHP errors flag on which caused showing all site’s PHP warnings and notices. Sorry 🙁
  • Fix: Removed duplicated handler from live preview JS.

2.6.0 – 2015-09-09

  • New: Added comments “Moderator Only” mode. To enable admin only voting on comment ratings.
  • Update: Modified Power-User settings custom image example images URLs to the default yellow medium ratings.
  • Optimization: Removed old unused code.
  • Update: Code modernization + added regions for better folding during editing.
  • Optimization: Removed all reports’ API calls and rendering, since it’s not relevant for the free version.
  • Fix: Fixed the remove criterion button in the live preview by adding display: block. Without display: block, the button doesn’t work work well in Chrome.
  • Update: Finally officially removed all ratings boosting functionality.
  • Update: Fully integrated Freemius.

2.5.9 – 2015-07-28

  • New: Added “review mode” for comment ratings so users can submit a rating with their comments.

2.5.8 – 2015-07-21

  • Update: Updated the rich snippet markup properties (headline, image, and datePublished) based on Google’s latest requirement.

2.5.7 – 2015-07-06

  • Fix: Fixed the HTML code for the Rich-Snippets.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that shows warnings on the Activity Updates and Activity Comments tabs.

2.5.6 – 2015-06-23

  • Fix: The users’ ratings are now in sync with the server when the User Rating Type is Reputational.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that shows warnings in the top-rated widget (cast the value produced by Urid2Id method to integer).

2.5.5 – 2015-06-16

  • Fix: BuddyPress activities’ ratings are now visible also when the user is not logged and the position is bottom.
  • Fix: Muti-criterion ratings are now visible when the summary rating is hidden.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that shows warnings in the top-rated widget when displaying bbPress topics.

2.5.4 – 2015-06-03

  • Fix: Fixed a bug in displaying bbPress’ forum posts/replies in the Top-Rated widget.
  • Update: Updated Spanish translation.

2.5.3 – 2015-05-12

  • Fix: Admin homepage stats widget is now visible only for admin users.
  • Fix: Fixed some dashboard warnings.

2.5.2 – 2015-04-28

  • New: Adaptive Rich-Snippets for Pro users. We are now dynamically identify your theme’s metadata to show only the required tags to prevent duplicates which breaks the schema.
  • New: Tested on WP 4.2 and fixed a small bug.
  • Fix: Fixed Rich-Snippets for multi-criteria ratings without aggregated summary rating shown.

2.5.1 – 2015-04-16

  • New: Added new add-ons section with extended functionality.
  • Fix: Fixed admin settings category selection issue with jQuery.
  • Fix: Fixed warnings bug for Windows OS due to differences in filesystem path (slashes).
  • Fix: Removed “\” prefix for exceptions catching since namespaces are not supported on old PHP versions.
  • Optimization: If not registered, don’t initiate any resources on site.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in ApiCall error handler.

2.5.0 – 2015-04-06

  • Update: Small text update on readme page.
  • Fix: Fixed posts/pages editor bug that was caused by JavaScript collision of Array.prototype.

2.4.9 – 2015-03-31

  • New: Added 5-star ask from loyal users.
  • Fix: Fixed bbPress forum ratings for some users who installed version 2.4.5.
  • Fix: Fixed duplicate rating appearance for attachment pages.

2.4.8 – 2015-03-25

  • Fix: Fixed the dashboard fatal error for our customers registered before mid 2014.

2.4.7 – 2015-03-25

  • Fix: Fixed the dashboard fatal error when plugin still not activated – sorry 🙁

2.4.6 – 2015-03-24

  • New: Added RatingWidget stats to the home dashboard.
  • New: Added multi-criteria rating to bbPress integration.
  • Fix: Fixed Slovenian translation.

2.4.5 – 2015-03-18

  • Fix: Finally we managed to fix the BuddyPress Ajax comments ratings rendering. From now on, when user submit a new comment, the BuddyPress rating will appear right with the comment without the need to refresh the page.

2.4.4 – 2015-03-02

  • New: Added affiliation section so you can apply to become RatingWidget’s affiliate.
  • Fix: Fixed visibility settings for bbPress forum replies.

2.4.3 – 2015-02-24

  • Fix: Updated criteria ratings type so they won’t affect the Top-Rated ratings.

2.4.2 – 2015-02-14

  • Fix: Fixed API connectivity issues.
  • Fix: Fixed activation issue for new customers.

2.4.1 – 2015-02-10

  • New: Top-Rated Table! Configured right in your TinyMCE editor.

2.4.0 – 2015-02-03

  • Fix: Fixed user aggregated rating (reputation) after deployment of Multi-Criteria support. Multi-criteria view was removing the uarid property of the summary rating.

2.3.9 – 2015-01-27

  • Fix: Modified multi-criteria rating ids in the settings preview section to be sequential and not random.


  • Update: Revamped the screenshots section with updated images.


  • Fix: Fixed a bug that in some cases were affecting the rating type on excerpts. Hardcoded it to front-post rating.


  • New: First release of our new awesome Multi-Criteria ratings support!
  • Fix: Fixed Jeegy’s Barrels starts theme.


  • Fix: Fixed a small warning bug for non bbPress & BuddyPress users.
  • Fix: Turned all code to human-readable.


  • Optimization: From now bbPress & BuddyPress can NOT vote/like their own items.
  • New: Added corresponding notification message on License Sync, when the access is un-authorized due to invalid key pair.


  • New: Top-Rated widget is now spiced with time-frame selection. So you can select to show top rated posts created in the past year, 6 months, month, week or even a day period.


  • Fix: Fixed account verification process for users registered before 2013.
  • New: Upgraded Power User Settings with Ace editor (
  • New: Added the Pricing section into the dashboard.


  • New: Added readOnly property per post/page/product controlled by metabox.


  • Update: Modified Rich-Snippets schema from to, which is more tolerant with other schema configurations.
  • New: Added the options to Edit “Public Key” and “Site ID” for old accounts which might have one of the params missing.
  • Update: Temporary blocked all Google Analytics tracking, even for people who opted-in. Will be fixed in the future.


  • Fix: Mistakenly added anonymous function which is not supported before PHP 5.3, therefore we modified that to support older versions.


  • Fix: Another tiny but crucial fix.


  • Fix: Missing file problem (so sorry!).


  • New: Added an option to clear plugin’s cache (including Top-Rated Widget’s cache).
  • New: Added custom notifications to Sync License functionality.
  • Fix: WooCommerce product “Show Rating (Uncheck to Hide)” metabox is now fully functional.
  • Fix: Added notification for management dashboard when there’s a connectivity problem with RatingWidget’s API.
  • Fix: Fixed bbPress forum reply author ID extraction to make sure user’s forum rating/reputation is showing the correct rating.


  • Fix: Trashed / Deleted Posts/Pages/Products are now synced with RatingWidget backend, to prevent zombie items in the Top-Rated Widget.
  • Optimized: Modified view of Voting Frequency Settings to work with a dropdown to save space.
  • Update: Updated secure connection domain from to


  • Fix: Fixed Italian translation.
  • New: Added an option to delete an account locally in debug mode.
  • Fix: Fixed WooCommerce featured product thumbnail extraction for Top-Rated.


  • Fix: Fixed Japanese translation (thanks to Satoru Steve Naito).
  • Fix: Fixed Rich-Snippets integration bug.
  • Fix: Fixed rating’s shortcode Rich-Snippets integration.
  • Fix: Fixed HTTPS identification method for servers that using $_SERVER[‘SERVER_PORT’] instead of $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’].
  • New: Added new shortcode [ratingwidget_raw id=”{{alphanumeric id}}” title=”any title”] for generic ratings embed, whether there’s a corresponding WordPress element or not.


  • Fix: Fixed description page.
  • Fix: Fixed dashboard reports page URLs.
  • Fix: Removed WooCommerce products duplicate metadata.


  • New: WooCommerce full integration! W00t!
  • New: Author review support! You can now set the ratings to ReadOnly, and vote as the admin directly on the Page/Post/Product page.
  • Fix: Fixed Top-Rated Widget ratings style for pages that didn’t include ratings but had the Top-Rated sidebar widget.
  • New: Optimized plugin’s code to easily add extensions for new rated elements (like WooCommerce products).


  • New: Added new Cups theme.
  • Fix: Fixed Top-Rated Widget for STARTER plan customers.
  • Optimized: Changed core code syntax to follow WordPress standards.
  • New: Started to implement Chosen dropdown lists to decrease the height/size of the settings.


  • New: Prepared plugin for CloudFlare’s FlexibleSSL support.
  • Fix: Minor fix in the cor Multibyte functions test.


  • Update: Relocated account actions from “Advanced” to “Account” section.
  • New: Added an option to “Clear Ratings” after testing the plugin.
  • New: Added an option to “Start Fresh” from factory settings.
  • Optimization: Added multiple additional frequently used examples to the “Power User” settings.


  • Major Fix: Added sanity check before executing Super Cache wp_cache_clear_cache() method.
  • Fix: Fixed post title extraction for non-English Unicode letters.


  • Fix: For users which are using Super Cache plugin and their plan is also supporting Rich-Snippets, the cache will be now cleared every 24 hours.
  • Fix: In the dashboard plugins page, the upgrade link in the plugin’s links collection will be now shown only to non paying users.
    Update: Updated the FAQ section on the plugin’s listing.


  • New: Added Rich-Snippets banner for non paying users.


  • New: Finally Professional plan users can setup the reviewer identification method to IP right from the dashboard.
  • Fix: Removed Upgrade tab from Account settings for premium users.


  • Fix: Fixed email confirmation process by extracting site’s ID.


  • New: Added Video for Plugin Setup and Overview.
  • Fix: Fixed Persian language translation (by Taha Kamkar).
  • Update: With the new objects, we’ve now modified the type from to


  • New: Fixed BuddyPress rtMedia rich activities ratings support.
  • Optimization: Top-Rated Widget menu item is now being removed after the widget addition to one of the widget areas.
  • Fix: Fixed RatingWidget’s SDK error handling issue.
  • Fix: Fixed bbPress forum replies ratings style starting from the 2nd page and further.


  • Fix: Fixed bbPress inline user ratings visibility when User ratings are disabled.
  • New: Added menu links to FAQ and Support Forum.
  • Optimization: Top-Rated Widget’s cache is now purged after every setting change of the Top-Rated Widget.


  • Fix: Fixed Rich-Snippets data extraction.
  • New: New settings tabs layout (much improved UX).
  • New: Added change plan button in Account page for paid users.
  • Fix: Fixed advanced font settings bug.


  • New: Added new awesome thumb rating theme (by GOHAM).
  • Fix: Fixed settings thumb rating sizes preview icons.


  • Fix: Removed namespaces from integrated PHP SDK to support PHP versions older than 5.3.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the rendering JavaScript.


  • New: Getting plugin ready for full localization.
  • New: Added Weekly Rating Reports for WordPress users – requires email confirmation.
  • New: Revamped account activation process for new users.
  • New: Added automated trial period for all users with full plugin’s functionality.
  • New: Added new awesome star rating Barrels theme (by Jeegy Design).


  • New: Added Unlimited voting option to voting frequency settings.
  • New: Localized to Maltese.


  • Fix: Top-Rated sidebar widget title & max length configurations are back.
  • Fix: Fixed advanced settings flash dependency change.


  • Hot Fix: Top-Rated Thumbnail images cache is now automatically cleared after post/page featured image update.
  • Fix: Updated WP_User->id to WP_User->ID due to earlier deprecation.
  • Fix: Account activation is now working correctly on HTTPS management dashboards.
  • Fix: FB Fans widget is working on HTTPS.
  • New: Add quick plugin review link to support the plugin.


  • Update: Improved Top-Rated Widget UI and UX with accordion style tabs.
  • Fix: Fixed settings saving issues after history cleanup.
  • Fix: Reports thumb style records.


  • Major Fix: Fixed caching of ratings data for Google Rich-Snippets (for Premium users) and Top-Rated Widget. Should highly improve plugin’s load time.
  • Fix: Minor PHP fixes (call to method as if it was static).


  • Fix: “Hide Star Rating” in page/post editor was fixed.
  • Fix: Spanish “votes” translation was fixed.


  • Major Optimization: Aggregated all settings into one DB record to reduce number of Read/Write queries to the WP database. Plus, significantly reduced number of JSON ecodes/decodes.


  • Fix: Forum reply’s rating style & availability settings are now defined exactly as bbPress topic rating.


  • New: Added bbPress forum replies section to Top-Rated Widget.
  • Fix: Fixed Chinese translation.
  • Fix: New Premium users’ secret keys must not be permuted to lower case.
  • Fix: Forum reply’s rating style is now defined by bbPress topic rating style.


  • Fix: Fixed bbPress forum replies duplicate ratings issue for new bbPress versions.
  • New: Separated between bbPress forum topics and forum replies.
  • New: Added bbPress forum replies to Top-Rated Widget.
  • Update: Improved bbPress plugin detection method.
  • Update: Updated default star theme to flat yellow theme.


  • New: Added new awesome RatingWidget star rating’s theme + 6 flat additional designs.
  • New: Added new tiny size to the size options after so many requests we got.
  • Fix: Fixed advanced settings text options labels.
  • Update: Upgraded mobile detect library to 2.7.5 (


  • New: Localized to Ukrainian.


  • New: Added site category on registration process to provide better targeted recommended content.


  • Fix: Fixed logger for DEBUG state in management dashboard.
  • Fix: Fixed rating styling/CSS on dashboard preview.
  • Fix: Fixed ratings data view on Premium reports.


  • Fix: Fixed GetTopRatedData for users’ ratings fetching.
  • New: Added a shortcode for user rating: rw_get_user_rating and rw_the_user_rating.
  • New: Finally added translations for ‘out of’ and ‘We Recommend’.
  • New: Added advanced filter that can prevent from a rating being loaded according to custom rules (rw_filter_embed_rating).


  • Fix: $before_widget and $after_widget html items encoding for Top-Rated Widget were fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed Show on excerpts option savings.


  • New: Control whether to show votes in excerpts, archive, category and search results view.


  • New: Revamped plugin’s main description page.
  • Fix: Fixed Top-Rated Widget to hide deleted, spam & private elements (posts, pages, BuddyPress activites, bbPress topics & replies).
  • Fix: Fixed Top-Rated Widget for themes with before and after widget multi-line html.


  • Fix: Fixed double Users Top-Rated Widget settings for when BuddyPress and bbPress both active.
  • Update: Changed TOS agreement to opt-in option.
  • Update: Clarified plugin & service licensing.


  • Update: Removed affiliation links from admin’s dashboard.
  • Fix: Made Google Analytics tracking as an opt-in option to meet with the WordPress repository guidelines. The tracking is for UX improvement and only activated on Rating-Widget’s admin’s dashboard settings.
  • Fix: Top-Rated Widget is now working correctly with custom before widget and after widget html content.


  • Fix: Added missing file user_rating_type_options


  • New: Added user accumulated rating feature for BuddyPress and/or bbPress installations.
  • New: Added beautiful thumbs compact style for the Top-Rated Widget.


  • New: Top-Rated Widget UI revamp! We’ve added beautiful thumbnail style and will add more styles soon.


  • Fix: Ratings control in admin’s dashboard.


  • Fix: Broken layout bug.
  • Fix: Pro users won’t see the Upgrade button in the Advanced settings.


  • Fix: Fixed comment ratings availability validation.
  • Fix: Fixed bbPress redirection error.
  • Fix: Fixed support for bbPress forum posts ratings on Top-Rated Widget.
  • New: Featured image extraction for future post recommendations.


  • New: Added bbPress user ratings right at forum-topic’s thread.
  • New: Added user rating options for bbPress settings page, to support bbPress without BuddyPress config.
  • Fix: Fix warning for PHP 5.4 ‘Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in’.
  • Fix: Fixed warning that were displaying on Top-Rated widget, after the user deleted rated comments – ‘Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The first argument should be either a string or an integer’.


  • Fix: bbp_is_forum fatal error fix.


  • New: All versions of bbPress are now fully supported for Premium users.
  • New: Activation of the plugin is automatically redirecting to settings page.
  • New: Added options links to plugins page.
  • New: Removed reCAPTCHA from activation page due to Google servers socket issues.
  • Fix: Optimized script loading to only load relevant scripts to each context site/admin.
  • Fix: Removed ‘Upgrade’ menu item for pro users.
  • Fix: Updated menu icon to colorful.


  • Fix: Fixed the warning when trying to save settings when non categories selected.
  • Fix: Necessary JS and CSS are now loaded only on Rating-Widget settings page.
  • Fix: Removed account creation button disable mode.
  • New: Added GA to collect usage stats to learn and improve the product.
  • New: Added Upgrade CTA to sub menu.


  • New: Added settings customization box for Power Users.
  • New: Improved settings layout for better user experience.
  • Fix: From now saving rating labels with quotes is working (i.e. French “j’approuve”).
  • Fix: ‘Go Pro’ button is not shown anymore for pro users.


  • New: From now you can control the title max length in Top-Rated Widget.
  • New: New PHP shortcode to extract ratings data rw_get_post_rating_data($postID);
  • New: Jelly beans stars theme.
  • New Premium Feature: Multilingual blogs support (with WMPL plugin). The ratings language is automatically modified according to current WMPL language.
  • Fix: Fix of the ratings exclude option box.


  • New & Fix: From this version posts’ ratings won’t affect the labels of the Top-Rated Widget ratings. We’ve added a capability of control per rating instance even if it’s the same rating.


  • New: Localized to Afrikaans.
  • New: Localized to Tamil.


  • New: Posts and Pages ratings shortcodes!!! For the content use ‘[ratingwidget post_id=123]’. For PHP, use rw_get_post_rating($postID) and rw_the_post_rating($postID).
  • New: Added transient caching support to speed up the Top-Rated Widget and rich snippets data load for Premium users.
  • New: Beautiful votes preview report on votes label hovering.
  • Fix: The option to exclude ratings on post/page add/edit section is now visible only to admins.
  • Fix: Hidden categories selection for pages’ ratings options.


  • New: New beautiful candle thumb rating by Yoram Zara (
  • Fix: Fixed settings sections layout height for new WP versions.

1.6.8 – 1.6.9

  • New: Localized to Slovak.
  • New: Localized to Slovenian.
  • Fix: Multibyte string functions include validation.


  • New: New beautiful thumb rating design by David Shenberger.


  • New: Localized to Bengali.


  • New: User voting frequency settings – you can now allow daily, weekly, monthly and annually voting.


  • Fix: Top-Rated Widget ratings label is now showing always votes count instead of ‘Rate This’.


  • Update: Updated plugin description to clear out the Pro features.


  • New: Christmas Special Edition Thumb & Stars Rating styles –
  • Fix: Improved Greek translation (thanks to our awesome community).


  • New: Localized to Estonian.
  • New: Localized to Korean.


  • Fix: Activation bug was fixed.
  • Fix: Rich Snippets ( fix for premium users.


  • New: Added SSL support for Pro users.
  • Fix: Post/Page save/publuish warnings.


  • New: Option to exclude ratings on post/page add/edit section. No more need to manually type posts/pages ids in the visibility section!


  • Fix: Fixed layout problems.


  • New: Support for Inherited font (blog’s default font style).
  • New: Beautiful ratings white background style.
  • New: Changed default star ratings style to Oxygen.


  • New: MAJOR FOR PREMIUM USERS – Added mechanism for user key pair preservation to prevent the need for re-uploading the key.php file after every upgrade.
  • Fix: wp_footer() auto detection message is now appears as a notice instead of an error.


  • New: wp_footer() auto detection message. Now, when wp_footer() isn’t called a relevant message will appear on admin’s dashboard.
  • Fix: Finally fixed admin’s dashboard layout for Right-To-Left WordPress versions.
  • Tested on WordPress 3.4.2


  • New: Localized to Hindi.


  • Fix: Rich Snippets fix (added


  • Fix: Fixed reports access to premium users.


  • New & Huge: Filter star ratings by categories (you’ve asked for, we are delivering :-).


  • Fix: Google Rich Snippets support for premium users.


  • New: Star rating HOver color support in the Advance Font Settings.


  • New: Star rating Flames theme by Giuseppe.
  • New: Star rating Smiley theme by Daya.


  • New: Google search ratings support ( AggregateRating item).


  • Privacy: New users must accept our Terms of Use and Privacy policy before they start using the plugin.
  • Sponsor: Added Host1Plus banners.


  • New: Localized to Catalan.
  • New: Localized to Indonesian.
  • New: Localized to Mongolian.


  • New: Updated JS, CSS & Image urls to new sub-domains.
  • New: Localized to Lithuanian.


  • Fix: Replies of signed-out BuddyPress user’s were fixed.
  • New: Localized to Finnish.
  • New: Localized to Norwegian.
  • New: Localized to Persian.
  • New: Localized to Vietnamese.


  • New: Advanced option to control whether to show star ratings on mobile devices or not.
  • New: Top-Rated Widget is now able to show all BuddyPress & bbPress star ratings.


  • Fix: BuddyPress & bbPress ratings support for the newest versions.


  • New: Top-Rated Widget order type – you can now show worst rated elements.
  • New: Localized to Czech.
  • New: Localized to Danish.
  • New: Twitter follow us button (at the dashboard).


  • New: Top-Rated Widget minimum votes parameter.
  • New: Top-Rated Widget Order By parameter (Average Rate, Likes Number, Created, Updated).
  • Fix: Top-Rated Widget Average Rate Order for thumbs was fixed (sort by likes minus dislikes).
  • New: Added Rating Boosting options for Pro version users.


  • Fix: Top-Rated Widget is now showing the thumb & star ratings (Sorry friends :-).


  • Fix: API Key is now showing your unique-user-key even if you don’t have a secret key.
  • New: Additional advanced analytics reports – you can now filter votes by IP, PC Identifier and User Id.
  • New: Localized to Chineese.
  • New: Localized to Hungarian.
  • New: Localized to Japanese.
  • New: Localized to Swedish.


  • New: Added BP’s bbPress forum topics ratings support.
  • New: Debug mode is now supports logging.
  • Fix: Thumbs rating style on front-posts while the Top-Rating widget is enabled.
  • Fix: Ratings settings dashboard CSS was updated for the new WP version.


  • New: “Top Rated” Widget titles display is now configurable.
  • New: Short code for adding posts & pages inline thumb & star ratings – [ratingwidget].


  • New: Localized to Georgian.
  • New: Localized to Serbian.


  • Fix: “Top Rated” Widget font size and line height.
  • New: Advanced thumbs rating settings – now you can hide/show like or/and dislike thumbs.


  • New: Localized to Greek.
  • New: Localized to Nederlands.
  • New: Localized to Romanian.


  • Fix: “Top-Rated Widget” is now loading the right graphics.


  • New: BuddyPress activity page is now showing also blog posts & blog comments ratings.
  • Fix: Comments ratings alignment fix.


  • New: Localized to Italian.
  • Fix: Removed mb_strlen and mb_substr dependency.


  • New: Advanced settings page.
  • New: You can now control flash dependency.


  • New: You can now control whether star ratings will appear on excerpts or not.
  • New: Localized to Bulgarian.
  • New: Localized to Turkish.


  • Fix: BuddyPress another bug fix.


  • New: Localized to Polish.
  • Fix: BuddyPress comments star ratings.


  • Fix: Post urid fix.


  • New: Advanced star options – you can now select the number of stars you will have in your widget.
  • New: Availability settings – you can now specify if star ratings will be active, disabled or hidden for un-logged users.
  • New: Visibility settings – you can now explicitly exclude or include star ratings from specified posts/pages/comments/activity-updates/activity-comments.
  • Fix: Show ratings on excerpts.
  • Fix: BuddyPress background stuck bug fixed – now you can explicitaly select between Transparent or BuddyPress background types.
  • Fix: Removed unnecessary user-key validations.
  • Fix: Organized hooks hierarchy.


  • New/Fix: Now you can rate from multiple computers under the same network.
  • Fix: Themes list alignment & preview was fixed.


  • New: We now hold 44 different star rating themes.


  • Fix: Fixed posts & pages disable option bug.


  • New: Localized to Arabic.


  • New: Rating-Widget is now suppports BuddyPress activity!
  • New: Special BuddyPress Stars & Thumbs Theme.
  • Fix: Optimized JS loading mechanism.
  • Fix: CSS tweaks for BuddyPress.


  • New: Top Rated Widget is now available!


  • Fix: Initial size icons are now match to the selected theme and type.
  • Fix: Initial themes list is now match the saved thumb & star rating type.
  • Fix: ReadOnly icons are now linked to the correct url.
  • Fix: Themes list loading Gif is now points to the correct url.


  • Fix: There was a problem when selecting the default theme of the thumbs type.


  • Fix: Initial settings preview bug fix.


  • New: Localized to Croatian.
  • New: Localized to Portuguese.
  • Fix: Russian translation was fixed.


  • New: Major UI change, now we have Themes option.
  • New: 3 new star rating designs (check out the Thumb type).
  • New: Color property was deprecated.
  • New: HTTP calls optimization.
  • Fix: JS optimizations.
  • Fix: CSS stylesheet tweaks.


  • New: Localized to French.
  • New: Localized to Spanish.
  • Fix: CSS stylesheet improvements.


  • New: Localized to German.


  • New: ReadOnly functionality was added – now you can set your star ratings to also be readonly (e.g. the front page posts).
  • New: You can now specify any UTF-8 letters in the advanced text settings. E.g. you can use Swedish words with letters like ֳ…, ֳ„, ֳ–.
  • Fix: CSS stylesheet improvements.


  • New: Added find us on Facebook window.
  • Fix: Internal CSS bug fixes.


  • Fix: Settings UI loading minor fixes.
  • New: No more confusing 2 different save buttons – one “Save Changes” button for all.


  • Fix: Rating-Widget options errors were fixed.


  • Fix: reCAPTCHA set keys was replaced into global keys. Now it will work across all domains.
  • Fix: Plugin version fix.


  • Fix: Readme file was changed.
  • Fix: Plugin containing folder was removed.


  • New: Initial release