This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

TerraClassifieds – Simple Classifieds Plugin


TerraClassifieds is a free classifieds WordPress plugin that allows creating a simple classifieds website with WordPress. There is also a dedicated free theme TerraClassic available to download on or even a demo copy with all configured settings.

TerraClassifieds (TCF) Pro with monetizing options – click here

Useful links:

TerraClassifieds documentation and tutorials
Live demo created with free TerraClassic theme
Download TerraClassic for free

TerraClassifieds Pages

  • Add advert on the frontend
  • Edit ad
  • My submissions
  • Favorite ads
  • User registration
  • Edit user profile
  • Login & forgot password

TerraClassifieds Views

  • Category view
  • Author view
  • Advert page

TerraClassifieds Settings

Category view

  • Show category on the archive page with name, description, image, subcategories
  • Number of items per page
  • Text limit (number of words) for item description
  • Add to favourites
  • Displaying search form with inputs combinations and setting its sizes for different devices

Adding advert

  • Number of images limit (max. 8)
  • Title characters limit (0 for unlimited)
  • Description characters limit (0 for unlimited)
  • The number of columns for subcategories list
  • The number of days after which the ads will be expired
  • The number of days before sending a notification to classified’s author
  • Required images for a new advert (yes/no)
  • Required location for a new advert (yes/no)

Image processing

You may set images dimentions for:

  • Image sizes for classifieds archive view
  • Image sizes for single post view

Email templates

  • Registration – administrator notification
  • Registration – user notification
  • New advert – administrator notification
  • New advert – user notification
  • Contact form – user notification
  • Abuse form – user notification
  • Change status – user notification
  • Expiration – user notification

Advert view

Add to favourites


  • Layout: default or override from theme
  • CSS Style: default or override from theme


Password for registration

  • Automatically generated password
  • Let the user choose a password during registration


  • GDPR method extended
  • GDPR method simple

Locations – locations manually filled in on wp-admin panel


  • Currency
  • Unit position

TerraClassifieds Built In Widgets

  • An account menu
  • Latest ads
  • Classifieds search
  • Classifieds categories


  1. In your admin panel, go to Plugins -> Add New and click the Upload Plugin button.
  2. Click Choose File, then select the plugin ZIP file. Click Install Now.
  3. Click Activate to activate the plugin.


Mijdar 8, 2022
Unable to deploy this theme receiving stylesheet missing error would you please help me out to resolve this issue.
Nîsan 27, 2021 1 reply
Simply great plugin and crowd. I asked for some modifications to the plugin and they were quick to implement them. The communication was perfect and the costs reasonable! Thanks a mill. Theo
Gulan 29, 2020 1 reply
Best classified Plugin I have found in its simplicity and ease of use, this developer has been responsive and helpful each time I requested assistance.
Cotmeh 15, 2019 1 reply
This is the best free classifieds WordPress plugin! Demo copy with all configured settings... Just ready to go.
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Contributors & Developers

“TerraClassifieds – Simple Classifieds Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • New options for enabling items from Advert View for logged users only
  • Displaying empty categories and give the message: “This category is empty”
  • New settings for managing required fields for user profile


  • Fixed PHP fatal error on users adverts page
  • Fixed an incorrect advert expiry time
  • Improvements related to jQuery 3


  • Fixed the location select field in submitting advert form


  • Added polish translation
  • Added reCaptcha for ‘Registration’ page


  • Fixed always shown banner with ‘PE Terraclassic’ theme in the dashboard on WordPress 5.5


  • Added option to sort categories in the ‘TerraClassifieds Categories’ widget by name and ID
  • Added option to sort categories in the ‘TerraClassifieds Categories’ widget ascending and descending
  • Added option to filter adverts by selling type in the search form
  • Added option to translate string “Enter at least XXX characters” in the ‘Registration’ view
  • Fixed translation issue for strings in the ‘TerraClassifieds Search’ widget
  • Fixed padding issue for inputs and selects in the search form for some themes
  • Fixed not visible buttons ‘Upload Files’ and ‘Media Library’ in the Media Manager modal (Add advert view)
  • Fixed error “Invalid Post Type” in the dashboard while searching posts
  • Fixed PHP warning after user registration when field “E-mail notifications for administrators” is empty
  • Fixed unnecessary warnings in the SEO tab about missing pages when ‘Permalink structure’ in WordPress is set to ‘Plain’
  • Fixed not showing warnings when pages in the SEO tab are not selected
  • Fixed error ‘Wrong username, email or password’ in the URL:
  • Fixed problem with too high permissions for the role ‘TerraClassifieds user’ that allowed editing posts from the frontend (deactivation and reactivation of the plugin required)
  • Fixed mixed post types and wrong pagination on URL
  • Fixed not visible error about too big image size and image dimensions on mobiles


  • Added button ‘Cancel’ for add/edit form
  • Added option to save advert with ‘Draft’ status
  • Added option to filter adverts by price
  • Added redirect to an advert after frontend editing
  • Added option to show adverts with status ‘Pending’ and ‘Rejected’ in a ‘Your adverts’ view
  • Added choice to disable selling type for each advert using option ‘Nothing’
  • Added option to disable selling types for the whole website
  • Added advert ID in the single advert view
  • Added option to disable ad’s author in the archive / category view
  • Added option to disable images
  • Added option to disbale locations
  • Added option to disable phone number in the single advert view
  • Added option to disable contact form in the single advert view
  • Added additional location fields – address and post / ZIP code
  • Added ‘Edit’ button on advert view after editing it
  • Added better description for a field ‘Reply-To E-mail Address’ in the plugin settings
  • Added option to show HTML code for a category description in the archive view if there is a visual editor for this field enabled, ex. when Yoast SEO plugin is active
  • Added option to choose pages for Terraclassifieds views like ‘Add advert’, ‘Edit advert’ etc.
  • Added option to change slugs for views like ‘Add advert’, ‘Edit advert’ etc.
  • Minor styling fixes in the plugin settings
  • Fixed PHP warning in the ‘Add advert’ view if a field ‘E-mail notifications for administrators’ in the plugin settings is empty
  • Fixed unnecessary email notification about ad expiring sent just after ad expiring
  • Published date is being changed now to the current date when user will renew the advert
  • Fixed no adverts in the archive view when widget ‘Terraclassifieds Search’ is not used
  • Fixed not selected location and selling type during advert editing


  • Added option to hide ‘Report abuse’ in the advert view
  • Added option to hide ‘Website URL’ in the advert view
  • Added option to hide ‘Ad’s author’ in the advert view
  • Added option to show default image for adverts submitted with no image
  • Added option to hide username in the author’s page
  • Added option to set a minimum number of characters for a description
  • Added information about the minimum number of characters in the ‘Add advert’ view
  • Added option to choose selling types
  • Added option to set thousand separator for a price
  • Added option to set decimal separator for a price
  • Added option to set decimal points for a price
  • Added option to set ordering for date elements (number, period, ago)
  • Added hits (ads views counter)
  • Added currency near a price selling option in the ‘Add advert’ view. The currency value is taken from the general price settings.
  • Added option to append additional email addresses for administrator notifications ( abuse report, new advert, new user registration )
  • Added option to choose behavior for expired adverts
  • Fixed currency position in the ‘My submissions’ view
  • Value less than 0.01 for the ‘Price’ field is forbidden in the ‘Add advert’ view
  • Image in the widget ‘Terraclassifieds Latest Ads’ is now centered vertically and horizontally
  • Favourite icon is now in the top right corner of the image container (archive view), even if the image is not 100% height
  • Fixed not working limit of words in the archive view when the content contains newlines
  • Fixed error with default WP widget ‘Search’ – unnecessary fields related to ‘Terraclassifieds Search’ widget
  • Removed unnecessary hidden field with email address for an abuse contact form in the ‘Single Advert’ view
  • Email address in the hidden field for a contact form in the ‘Single Advert’ view is now encoded using Base64 format
  • Fixed the wrong number of items after removing advert in the ‘My submissions’ view


  • Fixed logging to WP dashboard if it’s link is located in the frontend menu
  • Added option to select many types for each classified
  • Fixed JS conflict with Revolution Slider
  • Fixed not working layout override for child themes
  • Added option to choose advert status after submitting it
  • Shortcode [advert_title_link] for Email templates works now only if ‘Ad status’ is set to ‘publish’ to not generate wrong URLs
  • Fixed error ‘Call to undefined function is_plugin_active()’
  • Fixed PHP notices related to the message about the recommended theme – PE Terraclassic
  • Fixed PHP notices when no location is selected
  • Fixed not sending email notifications when ‘Reply-to e-mail address’ in section ‘Email templates’ field is empty – admin email is used instead
  • Fixed missing action ‘Move to trash’ and button ‘Trash’ in the WordPress dashboard – issue related to the unnecessary user capabilities
  • Fixed problem with not expired ads (wrong WP-CRON activation/deactivation method)
  • Fixed problem with missing notifications about expired ads (wrong WP-CRON activation/deactivation method)
  • Fixed styling issues in author view when user details are missing
  • Fixed PHP error related to breadcrumbs in advert view when the ad was created in the backend without assigning a category
  • CMB2 updated to version 2.6.0
  • Fixed display issues for category and location in the ‘Add advert’ view when CMB2 is active as a separate plugin
  • Fixed PHP errors related to GDPR checkboxes when ‘single.php’ is overridden in the theme
  • Fixed missing default avatar image when ‘single.php’ is overriden in the theme
  • Added possibility to translate adverts statuses for email notifications
  • Option ‘Items per page’ in a ‘Category view’ tab works now also in a search view
  • Changed text for not logged in users in ‘Your adverts’ view
  • Added option to disable location hierarchical list. Disabling hierarchical location list can be useful (quicker) when you have a lot of nested locations.
  • Changed a simple input box for a location to an input box with the AJAX search feature
  • Added meta description for a single ad (content from the classified description) and classified category (content from category description)
  • Added field ‘Meta description text limit’ in Settings->SEO for changing meta description length
  • Removed unnecessary tab ‘Status’ in Settings
  • Tested up to WP 5.3


  • [fixed] locations not visible on category view once enable on TerraClassifieds settings


  • [new feature] Added “Ads types” that allows marking an advert with the specific badge as well as using “types” as a filter in a search form
  • [fixed] for adverts created in the backend, a title and description were missing once editing an advert on the frontend
  • [fixed] translation for ‘Location’ field label was missing
  • [removed] Removed styles responsible for buttons and search form design


  • Removed custom update notification
  • Fixed calling files locations without hardcoding
  • Stopped calling core loading files directly
  • Fixed sanitizing and escaping data
  • Fixed modal window appearing for an abuse form terms
  • Fixed some notices


  • Fixed “Reply-to” from the email sent from contact form
  • Added email field “reply-to” for other user notifications in the ‘Email templates’ section
  • Fixed image container size in the archive view
  • Added new option “None” in Category view for “Show category on the archive page” that allows not showing items (previously at least one item had to be selected)
  • Added dashboard notification after successfull TerraClassifieds plugin installation


  • Added location feature for adverts
  • New functionality added ‘Add to favourites’
  • Merged ‘Categories’ and ‘Category View’ in Terraclassifieds Settings
  • Added ‘negotiable’ text under price in the add advert view
  • Added the setting option for Adding advert view ‘The number of columns for subcategories list’
  • Changed a way of opening subcategories in add avert view (on click)
  • Added text ‘see all ads by’ next to a user name in single ad view
  • Added option to make images upload and lo9cation fields required in the add advert view
  • Font Awesome updated to 5.6.3


  • Added missing translable strings for terraclassifieds.pot file
  • Added ‘Status’ tab in TerraClassifieds settings with plugins’s version
  • Added ‘Documentation’ tab in TerraClassifieds settings with useful links

beta 1.0

  • Added alert with confirmation before removing advert in My submissions view
  • Fixed searching in ‘Terraclassifieds Seach’ widget if no category selected
  • Search word and category are visible as selected on the search results page
  • Fixed submenu for ‘Terraclassifieds Menu’ widget in a single ad view
  • Fixed wrong URL errors for links in Terraclassifieds pages
  • Added options for change text limit and posts per page for a category view
  • FontAwesome updated to version 5.3.1
  • Error messages after login error instead of redirecting to wp-login.php