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WebFacing™ – Storage, resource usage and errors in cPanel®

WebFacing™ – Storage, resource usage and errors in cPanel®


🕸️ By WebFacing™. Shows disk usage, memory, cpu and processes resource usage information, recommendations and alerts, plus number of created email accounts, in your admin Dashboard At a Glance widget, a special Dashboard Gauges widget, plus error logs and extensive info on Tools – Site Health panels.

Resource gauges in custom dasboard widget.

Includes Server Error log test in Site Health.

Includes a Site Health test for HTTPS only (http should not be allowed, but forwarded to https) with information about the issue, recommendation and actions.

Made with a little help from cPanel, L.L.C., USA and PRO ISP AS, Norway – many thanks.

See also WebFacing™ – Email Accounts management for cPanel®

This plugin adds the following:


At a Glance (core widget)

  • One item showing used disk space
  • One line widget footer line mentioning the name of your web hosting provider, and maximum disk space for current plan/account (on PRO ISP only)

cPanel Resource Usage (custom widget)

  • Memory usage (gauge)
  • CPU usage (gauge)
  • Number of active Entry Processes (gauge)
  • Disk in/out usage (gauge)
  • cPanel® Server Errors last 24 hours

Tools – Site Health panel

Status (tab)

  • A disk space test with explaining text and possible actions (cPanel® only) with following result types and actions
    • Good (less than 90%)
    • Recommended (over 90%, but less than 95%)
    • Critical (over 95%)
  • A HTTPS only test with explaining text (with HTTPS enabled only), actions with link to a relevant guide (special guide in case PRO ISP), and with the following result types and actions
    • Good (http loopback requests are rejected)
    • Recommended fix (http loopback requests successful)
  • A Sever Error test with error log
    • Good (no errors last 24 hours)
    • Recommended (less than 25 errors)
    • Critical (more than 24 errors)

Info (tab)

  • A disk space section containing (cPanel® only)

    • cPanel® user name (private)
    • cPanel® user subaccounts and assigned services (private)
    • Two Factor Authentication enabled in cPanel®?
    • Max disk space available
    • Total disk space used
      • Disk used by media files
    • Main domain in cPanel®
      • Addon domains
      • Parked domains
      • Dead domains
    • MySQL® Disk Usage
    • CPU Usage
    • Entry Processes
    • Physical Memory Usage
    • In/Out Operations Per Second (IOPS)
    • In/Out Usage
    • Number of Processes
    • Number of cPanel® Server Errors
    • Contact email addresses in cPanel®
  • Adds one line to the WordPress Server values section

    • Number of cPanel® Server Errors
  • Adds some lines to the WordPress Constant values section

    • *_COOKIEs
    • *_COOKIE_PATHs

    Translation ready, ready translations are

    • Norwegian (Bokmål)

    Filter interval for fetching data for Dashboard Gauges widget

    wf_cpanel_gauges_interval (default: 10 seconds)

    Filter capability for showing resource gauges widget

    wf_cpanel_widget_capability (default: manage_options)

    Debug setting

    For extra debug information, add this line to your wp-config.php or in another plugin:

    const WF_DEBUG = true;

    Known limitations

  • Requires PHP `shell_exec´ to be available
  • Reports data from your own cPanel® server, not remote
  • Reports data from your cPanel® server, all sites and all other web or cPanel® applications, in case more than your WordPress is installed on it
  • Links to documentation to resolve reported issues are shown to PRO ISP AS customers only.
  • This plugin will not show much if the site is not on a cPanel® managed server, but will do the test for HTTPS only.


  • Dashboard – At a Glance widget
  • Site Health Disk Space Test
  • Site Health HTTPS only test
  • Dashboard – Resource usage & errors widget


Does this plugin add database tables, store options, scheduled tasks or writing to `wp-config.php`?

No, not, none, no.

Does it require my login information to cPanel®?


Does work if ´shell_exec´ function is disabled in PHP?


What if I don’t want the cPanel® Resource Usage widget (gauges)?

Close it with the up arrow icon, or hide it using Screen Options (the top right hidden panel) – as usual. No data will be fetched from cPanel® while widget is closed or hidden.

Does it work on other web hosts than PRO ISP?

Yes, should work on any cPanel® hosting.

Does it work without cPanel®?

Very, very limited. The ‘HTTPS only’ security test should work, and disk used info, but max space test will not be performed and the result will just show ‘N/A’.

Can I contribute to this plugin?

No longer. Please see WebFacing™ – cPanel® Email Accounts management & Account backup

Can I donate to the continued maintenance and further development of this plugin?

No. Use the Donate button in the right sidebar on the other recommended plugin page.


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“WebFacing™ – Storage, resource usage and errors in cPanel®” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Released May 14, 2024
  • Plugin now requires plugin wf-cpanel-email-accounts
  • Some plugin features no longer working on cPanel version 120
  • Plugin will be closed May 21, 2024
  • This the final and last release. Please delete it and use wf-cpanel-email-accounts only


  • Fix: Main::to_bytes returning string in some cases


  • Fix: self::$host_label must not be accessed before initialized


  • Fix: Site Health Info: Plugin auto updated
  • Fix: Namespace the ‘PLUGIN_BASENAME’ constant


  • Bugfix: Site Health Info section title mess


  • Apr 19, 2023
  • Constants cleanup in Site Health Info



  • Dec 3, 2022
  • Rename plugin
  • Fix how cPanel® is detected to avoid fatal errors


  • Nov 6, 2022
  • Rename plugin
  • Site Health Info: Do not show auto update on multisite
  • Fix how cPanel® is detected to avoid fatal errors



  • Nov 3, 2022
  • Removed some email related info.


  • Oct 20, 2022
  • Will soon be discontinued


  • Jul 18, 2022
  • Fix for default UPLOADS dir
  • Major performance enhancement – no impact in admin outside Dashboard & Site Health screens
  • cPanel® charts enabled with Google Site Kit plugin active
  • Requires PHP 7.4+
  • Tested with PHP 8.2


  • Apr 29, 2022
  • Protection against fatal error when PHP shell_exec is not allowed
  • New Site Health test for unique keys and salts constants
  • Several extra config constants in Site Health Info
  • Showing defaults for constants in Site Health Info
  • Indication of strange values for constants in Site Health Info


  • Mar 31, 2022
  • Several extra config constants in Site Health Info
  • Shows defults when constants are undefined
  • File/class renaming, code cleanup


  • Mar 14, 2022
  • Fixed fatal error in case PECL intl function idn_to_utf8 is not available


  • Mar 08, 2022
  • Enhancement: Plugin promotion at bottom of Dashboard widget can now be dismissed or removed
  • Enhancement: Some additional constansts to Site Health Info WordPress Constants
  • Fix: Coding standards


  • Feb 01, 2022
  • Major performance enhacement when loading dashboard
  • WP 5.9 tested
  • PHP 8.1 ready


  • Add PHP Errors count to gauges widget and in Site Health Info


  • Oct 19, 2021
  • Add PHP Error/Debug Log File Size to Site Health Info
  • Expired transients cleanup
  • Add WP_CONTENT_URL to Site Health Info WordPress Constants
  • Add FORCE_SSL_ADMIN to Site Health Info WordPress Constants
  • Restructured code with simpler translations
  • Integrated with Query Monitor plugin
  • Files & classes renaming


  • Add subaccounts info to Site Health Info tab
  • Add disk i/o gauge in Dashboard Resources widget


  • Translatable gauge labels
  • Server errors count in Dashboard Resource Usage & Server Errors widget
  • Two new constants i Site Health Info WordPress Constants section
  • Server errors in Site Health Info Server section
  • Make sure no errors from gethostbyaddr() when no SERVER_ADDR (cron, CLI)
  • Make resource gauges responsive to current widget width
  • Added cPanel® user last modified to Site Health Info


  • Added Server error test and log
  • Better security for getting resources from JavaScript (generated token as a secret)
  • Detect interference with Google Site Kit plugin
  • Fix for some sites not showing gauges due to referrer policy


  • Added gauges in new widget on dashboard to show resource usage (Memory, CPU and Processes)
  • Translation fixes


  • Less strict cPanel® features check on load
  • Add dead domains to Site Health Info tab
  • Count addon, parked and dead domains as label suffix
  • Include main email account in email account count in Dashboard – At a Glance widget
  • More translation contexts


  • Add Site Health cPanel® Info tab main account disk usage
  • Add Site Health cPanel® Info tab maximum emails sending frequency per hour
  • Add cPanel® version info in Site Health Info tab
  • Tidy up Site Health for cPanel® entries in Info tab
  • Reorder, and make more logically hierarchical, Site Health for cPanel® Info tab
  • Remove Site Health cPanel® forwarders in Info tab (install my other plugin ‘WebFacing – Email Accounts in cPanel®’ to list them)
  • Better handling of IDN domains where overlooked
  • A few extra, useful WordPress constants in Site Health Info tab, but removed WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE as redundant
  • Recommending my other plugin ‘WebFacing – Email Accounts in cPanel®’ in Dashboard – At a glance widget
  • Fixed a bug (oversight) in 2.0 that alerted about email routing in the case that the MX-record points to self. In that case, no worry.


  • Email accounts number (and size as tooltip) in Dashboard Right Now widget
  • New test for Email Routing under Site Health Status tab
  • More constants under WordPress Constants in Site Health Info tab
  • A lot more information in cPanel® & Disk Usage in Site Health Info tab


  • March 11, 2021
  • Fix for fatal error when undefined constant in PHP 7.4
  • Urgent: Safeguard against PHP fatal errors when installed on a site not using cPanel®
  • In case on PRO ISP AS: Added link to PRO ISP’s support article for enabling HTTPS in cPanel® in Site Health – Status – Security
  • Database disk space shown in Dashboard widget tooltip
  • A few more useful constants in Site Health – Info – WordPress Constants
  • Correct language neutral values in Site Health – Info for debug copy results
  • Some minor translation fixes


  • Bugfix: Database disk space was counted twice, leading to too high value for total disk space used
  • Added Database disk usage to Site Health Info tab
  • Partly rewritten to use more cPanel® uapi calls
  • Removed cPanel® Quota calls
  • Introducing some cPanel® Usage Statistics parametres, like CPU Usage and number of Entry Processes, in Site Health Info tab
  • Better caching of values in short lived transients
  • Added DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT to Site Health Info WordPress Constants
  • Added detection for Enterprise hosting packages at PRO ISP.
  • Spelling error for Pro Premium package.
  • Tested for WP 5.6
  • Some minor text changes in ´readme.txt´.
  • Some old code cleanup.


Switched to new quota command on cPanel® for disk space max & used. Thanks to @proisp for implementing it.


  • Cap check for showing cPanel® username in At a Glance.


  • Initial release, Sep 2020.