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WP Easy Gallery – WordPress Gallery Plugin


WP Easy Gallery is a WordPress gallery plugin that lets you easily create unlimited image galleries in WordPress. This gallery plugin gives you the power to create beautiful image galleries, without the confusion of some of the other plugins.

While many gallery plugins can cause slower page load times, WP Easy Gallery is designed for performance. WP Easy utilizes code caching and is also lightweight so it won’t slow your website down with an overly bloated codebase.

WordPress Gallery Plugin

Do you need to quickly and easily create WordPress image galleries? Do you want a simple, user-friendly admin interface for managing your photo galleries in WordPress? If you are looking for an easy to use WordPress gallery plugin that won’t slow your site down, WP Easy Gallery is the best choice for creating and managing unlimited image galleries.

Gallery Plugin Features

  • Image Slider Gallery
  • Lightbox pop-up Gallery
  • Thumbnail-style Gallery
  • WP Easy Gallery is seamlessly integrated with the WordPress Media Library. You can upload multiple images, or choose from existing images, just as easily as you insert images into pages or posts.
  • Multiple display modes are available with this gallery plugin. (More options are available with pro version)
  • WP Easy Gallery lets you choose a custom thumbnail to display for your thumbnail style galleries. (Default is the first image in gallery)
  • The gallery image modal pop up has the option to allow social sharing for your gallery images.
  • You can include as many image galleries as you like on a page or post.
  • Set the sort order of images in the galleries.
  • Admin interface for this gallery plugin gives you a modal pop up for each image to preview how the image will appear in the image gallery.

For more information about this WordPress gallery plugin, see the WP Easy Gallery demo.

Pro Gallery Plugin Features

All of the above WordPress gallery plugin features, plus…

  • WP Easy Gallery Pro includes a Masonry style gallery.
  • Pro gallery plugin also includes five (5) additional modal pop-up themes/skins to choose from.
  • Pro version gives you the ability to show or hide social sharing buttons.
  • As well as, the ability to show or hide gallery overlay.
  • WP Easy Gallery Pro has the option to set global thumbnail image dimensions for all galleries. These values can be overwritten for each gallery.

WP Easy Gallery Pro » WordPress Gallery Plugin


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License Notice

The developer of this plugin is not in any way affiliated to the developer of the prettyPhoto jQuery plugin.
prettyPhoto is being developed by Stephane Caron and licensed under the GPLv2 license. As the developer states, prettyPhoto is “totally free to use (…) in all projects, even commercial ones”.

For more information on prettyPhoto please visit the project page:
prettyPhoto project page

Please consider a donation to the author of prettyPhoto in order to support the project!

Complete list of WordPress Plugins by HahnCreativeGroup.


  • Image Slider Style Gallery
  • Masonry Style Gallery
  • PrettyPhoto Style Modal Pop-up Gallery (Thumbnail Gallery)
  • Easy to use Admin interface for editing galleries
  • Adding and editing images screen
  • Tons of options to customize your galleries


Thank you for your interest in WP Easy Gallery.

Installing via WordPress
Follow the steps below to install WP Easy Gallery – WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin to your website.
Log-in to your WordPress administrator panel.
Select Plugins page from toolbar menu, click Add New.
Search for WP Easy Gallery in the right-top search bar if you want to download the Free version or click Upload Plugin button > “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the WP Easy Gallery zip file if you are installing the Pro version of WP Easy Gallery.

For Mac Users
Go to your Downloads folder and locate the folder with the WP Easy Gallery. Right-click on the folder and select Compress. This will create a .zip file which can be installed as described below:
Click “Upload & Install” button.
Click the “Activate Plugin” button for activating the plugin.

Installing via FTP

Login to your hosting space via an FTP software, e.g. FileZilla.
Unzip the downloaded WP Easy Gallery plugin folder without making any changes to the folder.
Upload the WP Easy Gallery plugin into the following location “wp-content>wp-plugins”.
Login to the WordPress Administrator Panel.
Activate WP Easy Gallery by going to Plugins and pressing the Activate button.

If any problem occurs with installation of Photo Gallery, please let us know.


What are the benefits of using a gallery plugin?

By default, WordPress allows users to easily create custom text-and-image galleries for use in their personal websites. While the features offered by WordPress are extensive and varied, users may also choose to download any of a number of plugins – some paid and some completely free – which expand and enhance WordPress’s features. These plugins may add new gallery types, in-depth customization options, quality-of-life improvements, and more.

WordPress gallery plugins add an impressive range of functionality to the website, including features which both help the user to design their gallery and to add creative, appealing new design features for the end user to enjoy. There are a few purposes these plugins can serve.

Most commonly, these plugins will include new gallery types, custom layouts, and more. These plugins allow users to create breathtaking galleries which fit any design aesthetic they please and display them however they like.

WP Easy Gallery includes advanced design options such social sharing, CSS support, custom thumbnail image dimensions, drag-and-drop support, and more.

Many gallery plugins enhance your features such as adding the same gallery to multiple pages, or updating existing galleries with ease.

These plugins greatly enhance the user’s ability to create stunning WordPress pages with ease and accuracy, ensuring that the user can design their website exactly the way they’ve envisioned it. This allows users to make the most of their content, using their WordPress gallery as a platform for advancing their own business or brand.

WordPress gallery plugins are a valuable tool in the hands of any content creator looking to make the absolute most out of their own website or blog. WP easy Gallery can make your overall WordPress experience more interactive, customizable, and personal than ever before.

Can I upload multiple images at once?

Yes. WP Easy Gallery is fully integrated with the WordPress Media Library to allow you to upload multiple images, or even choose from previously uploaded images in the media library.

Do you have documentation on how to create image galleries with WP Easy Gallery?

Yes, we have a comprehensive tutorial on creating galleries with WP Easy Gallery.

Will this gallery plugin work with my theme?

Yes. We work very hard to make sure WP Easy Gallery is compatible with any theme.

Is there a limit to the number of galleries I can create with the free version?

Absolutely not. The free version has no restrictions on the number of galleries you can create.

What hosting company works best for WP Easy Gallery?

Any hosting company that provides WordPress hosting will work great. Here is a list of some of the best WordPress hosting providers.


Adar 14, 2017
I purchased Pro primarily to upload multiple images at once because i liked the way the plugin functioned given what I was looking for in a gallery plugin. However, the support is non-existent, the plugin is buggy when maintaining (adding/deleting) galleries, and better functionality can be found in other plugins without paying for the lack of support and issues.
Sibat 7, 2017
I cannot add any image to gallery. Is stupid.
Sibat 7, 2017
pic by pic uploader? You are living into 1999 year? and after upload 2 pics impossible to add its
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  • Removed deprecated constants.


  • Fixed Parameter must be an object warning on add images page.


  • Fixed warnings with KSES methods on settings page.


  • Fixes error with HTML sanitization in admin pages.


  • Optimization of admin pages.
  • Additional i18n conversions on admin pages.
  • Code clean up on admin pages.


  • Added new Image Slider type gallery to plugin.


  • Added code to load text domain for i18n.


  • Removed deprecated link from admin interface. Image editing tool is no longer available and has been removed.


  • Code files have been updated as an intial step towards internationalization. i18n standards have integrated into the plugin.


  • The admin UI bug preventing the image preview modal pop up from launching has been fixed.


  • The UI bug preventing newly added gallery images from showing in ‘Images’ list has been fixed.
  • The name of the ‘Add Images’ page name in the admin UI has been changed to ‘Images’.
  • Fixed typo in admin UI.


  • Layout error on the ‘Add/Edit Images’ page has been fixed.
  • Updated admin UI styles for Add Gallery view


  • Removed current FAQ view


  • Removed call to deprecated javascript method
  • Added Tools section to admin


  • Updated admin UI: easier workflow for adding and editing image galleries


  • Fixed bug in the code rendering the default WordPress gallery style gallery


  • Changed admin menu icon for clarity
  • Fixed bug with upgrade notice
  • Fixed XML error in admin overview screen


  • Fixed bug with database version checking function
  • Updated admin menu icon


  • Updated support links


  • Fixed the bug preventing the Media Library Image loader from opening when attempting to insert thumbnail preview. This bug was occurring on the ‘Add/Edit Galleries’ page in the admin UI.


  • Fixed bug preventing social sharing buttons from being able to be hidden
  • Converted Javascript loading to be non-blocking for better page-load speed


  • Updated image upload process to allow multiple image uploads
  • Simplified image upload work flow
  • Refined UI when updating galleries and images


  • Changed blue delete buttons to default red Delete links.
  • Added confirm step for deleting galleries to help prevent accidental gallery deletion.
  • Additional admin style clean-up.


  • Fixed bug preventing newly uploaded images from being deleted
  • Fixed bug preventing Add Image to Gallery button from showing after copying and pasting image URL into text box
  • Fixed bug causing uploaded image path to not be populated in Image Path field for some Mac users
  • Fixed bug with settings javascript object not being populated, causing pop-up to not open
  • Adjusted width of Facebook like button on pop-up to show entire button


  • Fixed bug preventing WordPress style gallery thumbnails from scaling to uniform size.
  • UI tweaks to Add Image view
  • Fixed bugs with image upload work flow on Add Image view
  • Code clean-up


  • Updated admin page titles
  • Code clean-up


  • Converted admin section to be AJAX enabled.
  • Updated upload image UI.
  • Changed admin page namespacing for consistency and to prevent conflicts.


  • Fixed several admin style bugs.


  • Corrected deprecated links.


  • Fixed bug preventing album style galleries with titles from sitting next to each other.


  • Fixed deprecated links in plugin


  • Fixed image title issue with extra slashes being added when editing
  • Increased length of image property text boxes


  • Fixed error with image upload process not populating textbox with image path.
  • Changed image upload button style for UI consistency.
  • UI refinements
  • CSS refinements for default thumbnail style


  • Rewrite of RSS feed in admin section


  • Cleaned up setting page options by showing or hiding options depending on gallery type used
  • Changed admin navigation name to ‘WP Easy Gallery’ to prevent confusion with other plugins


  • Fixed error with database update function


  • Extracted prettyPhoto theme variable to JS file to allow theme to persist


  • Increased gallery name field in database from 30 to 60 characters
  • Added database version check to update database table structure


  • Fixed possible XSS vulnerability
  • Removed hard-coded file paths
  • Corrected short code button AJAX method
  • Show short code with key instead of slug when creating a new gallery


  • Converted sort order to number field


  • Slight style modifications and verified WP 4.3 compatibility


  • Updated prettyPhoto.js to version 3.1.6, fixed XSS vulnerability in JS


  • Added ability to display gallery name
  • Added ability set alignment of gallery display name


  • Fixed layout issue with RSS feed


  • Added ability to render gallery as default WordPress style gallery
  • Added ability to customize number of columns for gallery display
  • Fixed bug with settings page not showing in admin section
  • Extracted RSS feed to an asynchronous call to allow admin pages to load quicker


  • Verified WordPress 3.9.2 compatibility


  • Code clean-up


  • Bug fixes to short code button


  • Added button to post/page editor for inserting short code.


  • Added option to turn gallery thumbnail dropshadows on or off.


  • replaced deprecated mysql escape calls for WordPress 3.9 compatibility.


  • Changed short code to use key instead of name. Change is backwards compatible and will not break or require changing existing gallery short codes.


  • Bug fix: corrected an issue with options
  • Improved thumbnail style CSS
  • Added ability to disable new thumbnail style


  • Added thumbnail style on hover


  • Ability to save all image changes in one click
  • Selected gallery images remain selected after making images edits
  • Selected gallery remains selected after making gallery edits
  • Preview image in modal window from within admin section
  • converted strtolower() function to mb_convert_case() for better UTF-8 character handling


  • Fixed issue that prevented galleries with same names from being properly displayed.


  • Added ability to insert custom styles for thumbnails. New field is on settings page.


  • Updated prettyPhoto JS script to version 3.1.5


  • Fixed improper JS file path


  • Fixed ability to hide galleries and added ability to hide social sharing buttons.


  • Added CSS to prettyPhoto stylesheet to correct arrow alignment and issue with mini-gallery spilling over the popup window.


  • Added jQuery Migrate script for jQuery 1.9.1 compatibility


  • Fixed bug related to security fix that prevented the ability to upload images


  • Critical security patches


  • Added the ability to hide the social sharing icons / links in the gallery pop-up


  • Style update to fix social sharing button layout issue
  • Addition of settings page and functionality to hide thumbnail overlay from settings


  • Updated prettyPhoto.js jQuery script to version 3.1.4 for various bug fixes and added social sharing abilities


  • Added handling for default thumbnail dimensions


  • Updated Add Images interface for easier deletion of images


  • Code fixes to admin pages to fix HTML validation issues


  • Added Help (FAQ) page to plugin


  • Tighted security against remote scripting attacks


  • Changed the manner in which JS files are called into theme


  • Fixed vulnerability found in code base: Input passed via the “select_gallery” or “galleryId” parameter to wp-admin/admin.php (when “page” is set to “edit-gallery”) is not properly sanitised in wp-content/plugins/wp-easy-gallery/admin/edit-gallery.php before being returned to the user.


  • Critical bug fixes and code enhancements


  • SEO enhancements


  • Additional bug fixes


  • Bug fixes addressing undefined variable warnings


  • Fixed issue preventing custom database table prefixes from passing through on gallery specific code


  • Fixed issue preventing custom database table prefixes from passing through


  • Cursor now shows pointer when gallery thumbnail is in hover state.
  • Added functionality to show gallery name on hover.


  • Fixed bug that caused screen jumping when gallery launched.


  • Initial release