WP Smart Contracts is Blockchain technology for WordPress. You can easily create Smart Contracts on your website.


Create Distributed Applications built with Ethereum Solidity Language without the need to be a developer.


Create your own Smart Contracts with WordPress intuitive & easy to use interface. Flexible and powerful tools to interact with your Contract.


Take advantage of trustworthy Blockchains: Confidentiality, Privacy, and Secure Smart Contract Execution for your own projects and business.

Create Smart Contracts on your website

  • Smart Contracts are programs that can be executed, store information and interact with a Blockchain.
  • Our contracts are classified using flavors, each one of them is based on very well-known and audited contracts from the Ethereum community, like OpenZeppelin and ConsenSys smart contracts.


  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon (Matic)
  • Avalanche C-Chain
  • Fantom Opera

Smart Contract Flavors


  • Vanilla is a simple ERC-20 implementation, for standards-compliant tokens on Ethereum. It is focused on Gas Saving transactions.
  • Pistachio is an advanced set of interfaces, contracts, and utilities that implement a Standard Ethereum Token, focused on security.
  • Chocolate is an advanced set of interfaces, contracts, and utilities that implement a Standard Ethereum Token, focused on security and also adds an extra level of advanced features.


  • Ube Staking for Standard ERC-20 / BEP-20 tokens
  • Almond Allow your users to stake one token and accrue interest in other


  • Mango is a simple crowdfunding campaign that can receive contributions in Ether. The owner can spend the donations only on contributors’ approval.


  • Mochi is a Standard NFT, a fully featured Non Fungible Token
  • Matcha is a NFT Marketplace, a fully featured Non Fungible Token with selling and auction marketplace
  • Suika is an advanced NFT Marketplace, with selling, auctions, payments with tokens and royalties marketplace
  • Yuzu is a Standard ERC-1155 NFT Multi Token implementation

The Power of WordPress + Blockchain

Connect your favourite Blockchain with WordPress using Metamask. A frictionless experience to create decentralized smart contracts.

  • Choose your favorite contract flavor and customize it to your needs using a visual interface.
  • Try your Smart Contracts in the Testnet before going live without spending real Ether.
  • Deploy your contracts in the Ethereum mainnet when you are ready.



  • Fully integrated experience: WordPress + Blockchain
  • Handle your Smart Contracts easily
  • Vanilla: ERC-20 Gas Saving Standard Token
  • Pistachio: ERC-20 Security Improved Standard Token
  • Chocolate: ERC-20 Advanced Token
  • Matcha: NFT Marketplace


Mijdar 17, 2022 1 reply
Excellent plugin .. do you have any plan to integrate this plugin with woocommerce or buddypress? It is nice to have merged with woocommerce because it will be more productive.
Mijdar 11, 2022 1 reply
This plugin helped me a lot, it does not need a developer and complex codes
Cotmeh 22, 2022 1 reply
Had a challenge with a timed out deployment. Reached out to customer support on a weekend and received help within an hour. They solved my challenge immediately and all works great now. I was very impressed.
Îlon 9, 2022 1 reply
The WP Smart Contract team is very supportive and is there for me until i solve my problem. Love the energy. I had an issue with the ICO feature unable to open metamask when clicking deploy. But they solved it. Top notch!
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Contributors & Developers

“WPSmartContracts” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Add ERC-1155 Smart Contracts to Sepolia Testnet
Bug fix with wpApiSettings Javascript variable
Bug fix with Staking UI handling tokens with 0 decimals
Bug fix switching to Sepolia Testnetwork


Remove flag


WordPress 6.1 compatibility
Fix vulnerability bug in Batch Mint Process


Support existing contrats in deprecated test networks


New Chocolate and Pistachio Smart Contract versions
Add new Sepolia Ethereum Testnet
Bug fix with staking shortcodes
Bug fix with decimals in ERC-20 token smart contracts
Bug fix symbol of the token on stakes when loading the contract
Fix ERC1155 endpoints in the NFT Collections
Deprecate Rinkeby, Kovan, Ropsten test networks


New Smart Contracts: Ikasumi and Azuki
ERC1155 Marketplace support
New optimized Yuzu contract
Yuzu burn capability removed
Bug fix in auctions in skin 1
Bug fix adding tokens to metamask from NFT UI
Bug fix showing network of NFTs in Backend
Bug fix in All Galleries view


Add Block Explorer support to coins on BSC, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom chain
Alert the user when no provider is available for WalletConnect
CSS responsive fixes for Staking and Suika views
CSS responsive fixes for 3D models in NFT view
Bug fix: remove semantic-ui dependency in with wallet selector
Bug fix: show owner in NFT view when no wallet found


Adding WalletConnect & Binance Wallet support
Manually load already minted items
Fix bug with Ethereum mainnet connection in Matcha
Fix bug calling actions in the wrong network
Fix warning in galleries
Fix css bug in NFT responsive view
Fix bug in block explorer link on Stakes


Create galleries in NFT
Update on Terms of Service
New Audited Smart Contracts
Discontinue support for low use networks
Option to show NFT items in reverse order
Optimize javascript libraries
Fix bug loading contracts in Avalanche
Fix bugs in Staking creation
Fix bugs in queries library
Tested on WordPress 6.0


Fix PHP Fatal error on heredoc in wpsc-queries.php


Fix ERC-1155 endpoint for hexadecimal indexes
Remove old references to uniswap and forkdelta code
Fix auctions in Firefox
Fix prices rounding in Suika collections


Replace the need to use sem_get PHP semaphore in Batch Mint Process


New Smart Contract flavor: Yuzu: an ERC-1155 NFT Token
Add pixelated images option to Gallery


New Smart Contract flavor: Almond: erc-20 / bep-20 multi-staking contract
Auto populate user address on NFT address fields
Fix Bootstrap.js conflict with modals
Fix nft-authors link
Fix Coin shortcode produces error: Wrong Network
3D model support for NFT media in glTF/GLB format


New networks added: Optimism, Arbitrum, Boba Network, Ethereum Classic, Avalanche, RSK, Heco, Fantom, OkexChain, KCC
Show contract information when no infura or metamask is available
Fix coin name for non Ethereum networks
Fix infinite JS loop in Metamask loader
Handler for account change in Metamask
Fixed duplication bug in Stakes search
Metamask switch to Ethereum networks added
Optimize web3 calls in the Backend
Fix bar buttons and coin symbol on minting process
Add payments token to Suika UI
Add constructor arguments to contract metadata
Fix bug with chocolate roles in UI
Add validations to crowdfunding contributions in UI
Deprecation of ICOs
Add automatic link to OpenSea for Ethereum and Polygon
Fix bug with WPIC Stake deployment
Fix bug with Suika UI handling tokens with less than 18 decimals
Improve web3 connection and UI
Fix log sales bug in firefox


Fix Staking bugs on UI


Deploy Ube flavor to mainnet


Add Suika to Ethereum mainnet
Added support for the Infura Polygon API
NFT top menu buttons shows based on user permissions
Fix bugs loading items with Infura
Remove warnings in coins
More validations on coin creation
All contracts in Polygon validated


Fixes on Ube
Remove notices on rest api endpoints
Fix coin names on shortcodes
Enable/disable sections in the shortcode for stakes


Add Ube smart contract: ERC-20 Stakes


Remove stakings


New NFT flavors: Mochi and Suika
Fix issues with “My Bids” in NFT
New skins for Coins, ICOs and Crowdfundings
Optimize JS files
Clean warnings and notices
Bug fixes in Block Explorer
All contracts verified in all mainnets


Manually load ICOs, Crowdfundings and NFTs contracts to WP


Support to IPFS decentralized storage service for media
Connects to Binance Smart Chain if Metamask is not present
Clean notices and warnings
Avoid right click on NFT images
Change links from matic explorer to Polygon explorer
Order collections alphabeticaly names in admin list
Remove download option from audio and video on NFT view
Deprecate previous Matcha Factories
Deprecate options from Tokens: DEX links and Social Networks


Bug fix in Matcha Smart Contract in all networks. Read full bug report: https://wpsmartcontracts.com/bugs-report/
Fix coin symbol in NFT view
All Smart Contracts code are verified in BSC


NFT Matcha deployment to Ethereum mainnet
Bug fix in history and graph on NFT view
Fix tokenURI image url
Fix minor bugs on the backend interface


NFT available on Binance Smart Chain, xDai Chain and Polygon (Matic)
Ability to add attributes from NFT Minting interface
Added the ability to edit NFT Items from the frontend
JS code optimized


Add NFT Marketplace support
Remove McAfee links
Fix web3.isAddress calls
Fix frontend calls to metamask
Reload pages when account change in Metamask
Fix bug in copy contracts code and ABI to clipboard


Fix Layer 2 Solutions Labels
Add help for Layer 2 Solutions and other blockchains deploy


Bug fixed handling coins in Layer2 Solutions
Add Binance Smart Chain Support
Add Polygon (Matic) Support


Add xDai Support


Fix Metamask web3 issue
Clean up console.log
Fix design of coins deployer window
Remove double connect button on crowdfundings


Rewards and Redeem with WPIC Token


Adding WordPress 5.6 compatibility
Fix a bug with rates in ICOs
Fix a bug with dates in Bluemoon ICO
Adding WPIC Token


Adding Uniswap to the list of allowed DEX
Adding compatibilty to WP 5.5.1


Release Date – January 15, 2020 – Ξ166
Freeing deployment fee of smart contracts
Bug fix in links on the block explorer rows


Release Date – January 12, 2020 – Ξ144
Russian translation made (thanks to https://wordpress.org/support/users/igorrnc2002/)


Release Date – January 11, 2020 – Ξ143
Bug fix in ICO Bluemoon token cap limits
Bug fix in WPST deployer
Bug fix in exchanges view
Add Russian (automated) translations (Beta)
Add Spanish translations
Send an alert in wp-admin if the WP Rest API is failing
Connect to Metamask only when needed


Release Date – January 2, 2020 – 127Ξ
Bug fix in block explorer metamask connections
Bug fix in Chocolate Coin control panel buttons


Release Date – December 27, 2019 – 127Ξ
* Adding WP Smart Token (WPST) as form of payment and rewards
* Adding new flavors: Raspberry and Bluemoon for Initial Coin Offerings.
* Adding new flavors: Mango for crowdfunding campaigns.
* Minor bugs fixing and typos
* Allow to connect with metamask after rejecting a connection
* Adding new Decentralized Exchanges to coins: McAfee
* Allow block explorer to get an address as parameter
* Add internal transactions to Coin Block Explorer
* Remove setMaxListeners warning in coins view
* Remove Javascript confirmation when interacting with Smart Contracts
* Design change to balance and “connect to metamask” button in views
* Fix a few issues with Etherscan API calls: notices and warnings in settings and API calls.


Release Date – December 8, 2019 – Ξ148
* Fix web3 not found


Release Date – December 5, 2019 – Ξ147
* Fix problem with URL on transaction and account detail section


Release Date – September 15, 2019 – Ξ190
* Bug fix for link to etherscan.io from a selected trasaction in Block Explorer.
* Remove warning in number_format in helpers


Release Date – June 27, 2019 – Ξ290
* Add logic to handle wpsc-views folder in current theme
* Fix audit section of Block Explorer for loaded contracts
* EIP-1102 compliance, ask for user approval to expose accounts
* Fix styling in wp admin


Release Date – June 21, 2019 – Ξ303
* Fix social networks description
* Fix Learn More links
* Add link to forkdelta.app DEX in Block Explorer


Release Date – June 17, 2019 – Ξ272
* ERC20 token creation and wallet interaction.